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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Turkey: A Rising Economic Power In The Region

Experts say that the economic progress graph of turkey will have upward trend during 2011. It will leave behind all the European Countries behind. Turkey will itself come out of the race for joining in the European Union. During 2011, Turkey under its Eastern Policy will give importance to the relations with Pakistan, Iran and Iraq. The up gradation project of railway line connecting Pakistan Iran, Iraq and Turkey will be announced. On the other side Turkey, Jordon, Syria, and Lebanon will get tied into stronger and new economic cooperation relationship. It is evident that Turkey is widening its relations with the nations around it. At present Turkey purchases more than 50 % of Natural gas of Iran. Similarly, Turkey is playing its role as re conciliator on the Nuclear Issue between Iran and the West. It is possible that some development may be visible on this issue during the current year. Turkey is signing political and economic agreements with Yemen too. The increasing friendly and stronger relations between the two countries will make Turkey to play its active role in ending the war in Yemen. According to the American newspaper the "Newyork Times" the relations between Turkey and Yemen indicate the intentions of Turkey to be a power in the region. Actually the USA does not want that Islamic countries may live in peace and they be friends to each other. America wants Muslims countries to be at war with each other all the and fulfill USA's vested interests.

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