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Friday, January 28, 2011

Middle East-- A Headache For The USA

Middle East region is rich in energy sources, but this region is head ache for the USA and the world. USA considers Islam spreading from here a great risk. America focused the region between The Nile (Egypt) and The Indus (Pakistan) started attempts to bring this area under its impacts. But, it seems that USA's struggle up till now remained unfruitful. Nearly two decades earlier when USA entered this region to combat with Saddam Hussain, there was no nation to challenge its superiority. The Presidents and the Kings of the region who had planned to remain in power for whole life were favoring the USA. However, during the next decade the situation started changing and the power and impacts that USA had in 2001 are seen no where in the region now. There two main reasons for this. First is the USA's own financial problems and second is the rise of other powers in the region. Experts agree on the point that American effects are vanishing quickly in the Middle East as compared to other regions and American policy in the region is facing problems. Israel, the close friend of the USA, that received Military Aid worth $27 billion from USA, and expected but could not gain the favor of the USA regarding the new settlements in Palestine. On other side, Egypt has rejected the American demand of democratic reforms (but may accept this demand now because of the protests and processions taken out by the people). Egypt recently ignored the request of President Obama to invite international observers to monitor parliamentary election. Now the USA is warning the Arabian States that if they did not implement the democratic reforms , terrorists may gain power.

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