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Saturday, January 29, 2011

American Oresident Is Losing His Popularity Among The Arabs

According to American magazine the "Economist" president Obama is losing his popularity among the Muslims and Arabian countries that he had just after being elected as president. Sheley of University of Mariland who has a close eye on the elections held in the Middle East says that Arabs disliked the American polices before but liked American people, now they dislike both. When any Arab is asked which of the International leader they liked more they would say that that who can dare to stand boldly against America and Israel. Tayyab Ordgan the Prime Minister of Turkey was the most favourite leader of the Arabs during 2010. It is clear that what the scenario would be in the days to come. This situation is due to many reasons. Some of them relate to the changes occurring in the Middle East. In the past Turkey and Israel have been following the wishes of the USA, but now both of them got too strong that they have learn to live themselves. Israel is so strong economically that it no more needs the help of the USA. Turkey is also rising as economic power and its government is a complete democratic one as against other states in the Middle East. Both of these countries are at par to each other. The experts also know that Israel is alone now as it has never been before. However, danger of war between Israel and Hizbollah prevails during the current year. year.

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