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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What Is In The New For The Super Power Of The World

Experts say that year 2011 will have good news for American economy. However, on other side Afghanistan and Pakistan will be a great challenge for US. Republicans are accusing president Obama that he could not give any success to the USA. But, majority of the experts do not agree on this issue, they say that immediately after having power president Obama wanted to know that whee actually the fault lies and how it can be mended. He though it necessary to address the Muslim Community through Arab Media. First he addressed in Egypt and then in Turkey. On other hand he did take steps to develop trust among US allies Muslim States. Also provided funds for the lower civil social organizations. The steps taken by Obama administration had positive results. The number of Arab students studying in American Universities and schools have more than double as compared to Bush's regime. Similarly , US gained more favor from Arabs for its policies in the UN General Assembly.This favor from Arabs during Bill Clinton's reign was 40%, while in Bush time fell to 10% and it again rose to 20% in 2009. But Obama too could not gain any solid objective that was not obtained by Bush. The purpose for which the Americans had entered Iraq and killed tens of thousand of Iraqis, could it be achieved? Could they get oil from the Gulf State. The answer to this question is challenging for the US administration. American wanted that the oil production in the gulf region may not be used against them and they may have the continuity of getting oil. American experts say that at present US is getting only 10 % oil from the region. So the expenses are higher than the profit. To maintain army bases and for the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan US is spending heavy amounts of money.

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