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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Presidential Palace In Cairo Has Been Surrounded By Protesters

Thousands of protesters besieged presidential palace demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak spread across the capital after Friday prayers, as nationwide demonstrations entered their fourth day.
Tens of thousands of people poured onto the streets in several neighbourhoods of Cairo, chanting: "The people want the ouster of the regime."
Police appeared overwhelmed as protesters broke through several police barriers and defied a massive security presence, also calling on people looking out of windows to join the rallies.
Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters in several areas, as nationwide rallies gained momentum, moving into residential areas.
The protests, which were inspired by the ground-breaking uprising in Tunisia, have sent shock waves across the region.
Authorities cut most mobile phone and Internet services in an attempt to thwart the growing protests, but the April 6 movement spearheading the demonstrations vowed to keep calling for street protests.
It has also been reported that 76 people have died and thousands wounded in the protests due to firing and gear gas shelling.

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