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Saturday, January 29, 2011

US "Orders" Immediate Release Of Raymond As Expected

Three people were killed when a US national opened fire on motorcycle riders and hit another with his car in an attempt to escape from the scene at Mazang Chowk on Thursday.
According to details, the man identified as Raymond David, reportedly a staffer of the US Consulate, opened fire at two persons ridding a motorcycle, injuring them seriously. Both the injured were shifted to Services Hospital where they were pronounced dead.
Another motorcyclist was also injured when hit by the speeding car of David who was escaping from the crime scene. The injured was rushed to Services Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds during treatment.
Later, the suspect was apprehended by people and police and taken to Old Anarkali police station. Police also recovered arms from his possession.
According to SP Operation Umer Saeed, Raymond David killed motorcycle riders in self-defence (it is not clarified yet whether hey were dacoits or not). How can American be believed?
SP said that a weapon was recovered from the possession of motorcyclists.
People staged protest soon after the incident outside Old Anarkali Police Station and burned tyres. They demanded handing over of the accused to them.
Later, Police shifted the American national to an unknown location. Police said that case has been registered against Davis.
Information officer at the US Consulate refused to comment immediately on the incident.
Now the latest news story says that the United States on Saturday called for the immediate release of a US citizen Raymond Davis, allegedly involved in killing of two local citizens in Lahore, it said was unlawfully detained by authorities, US embassy in Islamabad said.
"When detained, the US diplomat identified himself to police as a diplomat and repeatedly requested immunity under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations," it said in a statement. Are American Diplomats allowed to kill any Pakistani? and then sent back to the USA safely and unhurt.

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