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Monday, January 31, 2011

Tunisans-- The Pioneers Of People's Revolution In The Region

It was Muhammad Albu Azizi who sacrificed his life and leveled the way for a revolution in the country. He used to sell vegetables on hand-cart and had to pay bribery to police men for getting place for his cart. On 17th of December 2010, 26 year Azizi set himself on fire due to the harsh and insulting attitude of police. This sad tragedy ablaze the streets of Tunisia and people came out for the protests against the dictatorship.
Zain Ul Abadeen Bin Ali had been ruling the country since 1978. When he came into power Tunisia was near to be declared as bankrupt. He implemented positive monitory policies that made the country stand on stronger economic ground. His policies resulting in the increase of per ca pita income and made the country stronger with respect to economic conditions. Tunisia is rich in petroleum reserves, and other sources of income are mining and tourism.
Though former president Zain Ul Abadeen helped making the country stronger economically but its fruits could not reach to the lower sect of people. In the rural areas poverty and ignorance prevailed and unemployment rate increased. But president had been using his dictatorial tactics as ruler of this type do. Freedom of opinion was banned, human rights were demolished, any body voicing against all this was tortured and police was empowered to crush the opposition. All these cruelties and brutalities of the government caused the uproar among the masses. In addition to this Wikileaks disclosures about the government deeds doubled the up rise during the first week of December.

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