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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Raymond Davis Is Not A Diplomat

According to British Broadcasting, Raymond Davis who killed 3 Pakistanis in Lahore, 2 with gun and one with car is not a diplomat and came to Pakistan on visit visa. He is under police custody and Punjab police is investigating the case. The Federal government will accept the Punjab police report as final. According to NIP American Embassy in Islamabad did not open his identity and admitted that Raymond Davis is not his real name. This was disclosed in a statement issued for his release by the Embassy. They also admitted that he was on secret mission therefore his identity can not be disclosed. American government and the embassy are issuing contradictory statements. He was showed as Diplomat appointed in Lahore Counsalate and now in the latest statement they said that he was the employee of American Embassy in Islamabad. This changing statement indicates that there is something wrong at the bottom. He was definitely on secret mission, otherwise what an American Diplomat has to do in Mazang area of Lahore. If he was a diplomat then would have informed the security agencies. The spokesperson of the embassy avoids questions. He is not the only American who was on a spying mission, but nearly all of them do the same. Our politicians meet them every day and disclose many things about government and opponent leaders.

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