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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where Kidneys, Livers And Lungs Are For Sale

Many doctors in the United States receive such Emails reading as follows," My name is Elex, I am 31 years young man from Philippine. I never drank wine, do not smoke cigarette. My blood group is "O" My health is fine. If any of your patient waiting for liver transplantation, I can give some part of my liver for adequate amount of money." Not only this but on Internet fora or many sites have messages like," I am an Indian,I belong to Muradabad , Uttar Pradesh, my blood group is O, I am vegetarian. I can sell my my liver to any American or European for $ 80,000."
The above messages and Emails are actually the part of international illegal and unlawful Organ Trade. According to an United Nation's report, this type of trade is worth $ one billion and in the world the 10- 15 % surgical operations of organ transplantation are based on this illegal trade. The emails and other net messages also show that Internet has an important role in the publicity of this business.
This business got promoted during the last 30-40 years when the transplanting of body organs was made possible. These organs include liver, kidneys, intestines, bone marrow and heart valve are obtained from living human beings while, heart, pancreas, stomach, testes, cornea, hand and skin are taken from dead bodies. This trade got spread due to two main reasons in the world though all the countries constituted laws to check the illegal business but its expansion could not be checked. The first reason is the demand for body organs, because million of people meet their end due to non availability of any part of body they need. If these people are poor even then they can spend whole life's earnings to save own life. The second reason is the poverty. There are millions of people who can hardly get an earning to feed their kids or fill own bellies. These people some times are forced to sell a part of their body to get rid of poverty for some time.

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