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Friday, July 22, 2011

Soviet Union VS United States Of America

A fifty year old computer engineer who migrated with parents when he was 12 years is now settled in the USA, has written a book in 2009, "Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects". He claimed in his book that on the basis of economics, environment, and politics the fall of the USA is as certain as was that of Soviet Union. He says that Soviet Union collapsed within 17 years and the USA will take more or less the same time. The resemblances exist between the two countries e.g. Both remained military and industrial empires, both developed on the basis of science , technology and economy. Both have been trying to spread their ideologies in the world, to capture the world economically and technologically and attempted to be super powers. One's fall occurred and other is near to fall.
Today the USA is facing the same challenges that Soviet Union confronted. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and probably in Iran that can never be won, the low production of oil, uncontrollable war budget, Foreign debts, trade deficit, huge corrupt political system, and the feelings of being the super nation in the world were the bases for its fall.
What the financial and social problems are being faced by the USA do not seem to be solved in future. Hatred could arouse among the unemployed and homeless people ,price hike may be another factor that will make the government powerless to solve all the problems that may lead to lawlessness and possibly civil war may take place, the situation exactly similar to the USSR before it collapsed.

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