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Friday, July 29, 2011

Seraiki People Will Listen To A Good News This Ramazan---Babar

Senator Babar Awan said Friday that the government would announce good news for Seraiki areas during this Ramzan and this would be a momentous event in the history of Pakistan.
Speaking to the media Awan added that the current government would implement orders of the Supreme Court and would complete its five year tenure.
Though Babar Awan did not speak out the actual good news but it seems that government is going to announce constitution of a Seaiki province. What would be the actual borders of the province, what would be the status of Dera Ismail Khan where Seraiki language is mainly spoken and it is the southern most district of Khyber Pakhtoon Kha. What would be the fate of Hazara Province and the people. They no more want to remain with KPK? The hastily done decision may lead to chaos in other provinces. Government must not make it a slogan to win the next election. I myself belong to Seraiki belt and KPK but I do not favor to divide country linguistically. Neither the previous decision of changing the name of NWFP to KPK was correct not now making a Seraiki province is right. Government think tank must think positively and constructively. The strength of any nation is in unity not in diving the nation.

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