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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Expenses on Wars And Social Security May Cause Collapse Of The USA's Economy

The majority of the expenses that led USA to heavy burden of loans are the on wars that Us has started all over the world to prove its supremacy and secondly huge funds allocated for social security. USA spends $ 0.75 million on every soldier involved ion Afghanistan war.
The so called peace loving, cultured and civilized USA manufactures, sells and uses most of the weapons in the the world. America spent $698 billion on war expenses last year, on seconds number comes China to have huge defense budget worth $ 119 billion then is Britain that has $ 59.6 billion.Last year USA sold arms amounting to $ 20 billion to other countries and India was the biggest buyer. Among the 100 major arms manufacturing companies 43 belong to the USA.America has 856 military bases in the country while has 6000 in other countries. The Unites States spends $ 300 billion on the maintenance of these bases. The USA also spends $ 10 million monthly on Afghan war. Today every American is debited for $ 176.385.
The other major head of expenses is social security program. Though it is a beneficial welfare plan but USA has to spend half of its budget on the program. The trade deficit of the USA is $ 700 million which highest in the world. The USA 's economy is shaking and the time may come when it may collapse at all.

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