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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Indian Supreme Court Is Actively In Eliminating The Corrupt Mafia

A large number of Politicians, government officers and industrialists of India have deposited their black money in the banks in Switzerland and Bermuda and other European countries. Apex court has concentrated on this issue specially to get back the looted money to the country.
During the hearing of the case Federal Attorney General told the told the court that government is constituting a committee comprising of Taxation experts,government officers and bankers that will investigate the foreign bank counts of Indians. But apex court was not satisfied with this step of government and constituted a special investigation committee headed by two retired judges of the supreme court. This team will investigate the black money in foreign banks and will submit its report directly to the supreme court. Apex court has also directed the team to prepare the laws that can stop the black money to be deposited in the foreign banks.
A rich Indian Hassan Ali Khan and his aide Kishan Nath involved in money laundering were arrested on the order of supreme court.Hassan Ali is the son of a scrape dealer who earns Rs 0.3 million annually. But during 2010 it was disclosed that Hassan has $ 8 billion deposited in a Swiss bank. Therefore, Indian government ordered him to deposit wealth tax amounting to Rs 5 trillion.

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