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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Polo-- King Of Games And Game Of Kings

Situated in the norther most part of Pakistan the beautiful land of Gilgat Baltistan is famous all over the world for its natural beauty, scenic greenery, famous ice glaciers, great mountain ranges, highest peaks, magical lakes,singing water falls unique forests and wild life, sports, culture, heterogeneity of languages,archeological specimen, precious stones and mineral wealth. The well-known "Khunjarab Pass" linking Pakistan and China and the symbol of Pak-China friendship 16000 feet high "The Karakuram Highway" the eighth wonder of the world are situated in this area. Due all this great attraction a large number of national and international tourists visit Gilgat Baltistan every year.
The king of the games, polo is the identity of Gilgat. This game took birth in Mid Asia was reared in Iran and and reached to grown up to up to young age in Gilgat, Baltistan and Chitral. It is famous in Gilgat baltistan for its free style qualities. It is very exciting game, It is very costly and risky game as it is played on the back of the horse. therefore, its players are very limited in number as compared to other games. Though it is a free style game but to maintain discipline and to select horses and man of the match, a jury along with a judge is constituted.
The number of players is 6 while one is extra in each the team. If any player is declared unfit for the game 10 minutes before the game starts he is replaced by another one. However, after this time and during the game any player gets unfit no other player is allowed to replace him but the same number of player is out of the opponent team. Then 5 players participate in the game. Similarly horse can not be changed if it gets injured. The team scoring 9 goals earlier will win. If no team scores 9 goals then one hour extra is given. If no team scores the requisite number og goals then decision is made on golden goal. The 9 goals condition is not implemented in the final match.

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