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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pakistanis Love Military More Than Politicians

Majority of the Pakistanis love and like Pakistan army more the politicians. It is the most trusted institution near Pakistanis than any other one in Pakistan. Though its reputation was a bit decreased after the death of Osama Bin Laden. This was indicated in a Poll conducted by Gallop. The poll that was carried out between 9-12 May. It shows that 78 $ of Pakistanis have confidence in military. The percentage fell from 86$ prior to killing of Bin Laden by SEALs on May 02. Gallop said that military was trusted in many countries including the United States. Pakistan had been rules by the army before the present government took power in 2008. "In Pakistan's case, this high confidence likely reflects the military's strong, ongoing presence in civil society and reinforces how relatively weak the civilian government and institutions still are," Gallup said in its analysis of the poll results.
The Abu Dhabi Gallup Center also questioned Pakistanis about their trust in the national government in the May poll. Less than one-third of respondents, 31 percent, said they had confidence in the government, an insignificant uptick from 28 percent in the earlier poll.
Gallup conducted face-to-face interviews with about 1,000 adults between April 25 and May 14. A second poll of 1,000 adults was done May 9-12. The margin of error for both was 4 percentage points.

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