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Friday, July 29, 2011

Indian Civil Society In Modern Age

Civil society is an alliance of the NGO's and individuals that protect the rights of citizens and highlight their wishes. He succeeded several times in uniting people and their organizations against the dictatorial and unwanted policies of British government. He continued his activities even after freedom. He went on hunger strike when Indian government hesitated in handing over assets to Pakistan. Indian government was forced to give Pakistan the assets.
The first activity of the members of civil society during modern era was seen when incident of Bombay blasts occurred in 2008. They severely criticized the government for its in illegibility, mismanagement and carelessness.
The civil society movement got strength against corruption when a social worker of Maharashtra Ana Hazari started hunger strike. He calls himself the follower of Gandhi. He demanded that government should approve the bill for the constitution of Ombudsman cell. He also demanded that the ombudsman's office must be so powerful that it can investigate against prime minister and judges against any corruption allegation. Many poor and rich people joined the civil society movement due to Hazari's hinger strike. They had been fed up with giving briberies on each step for their legal tasks.
The new generations was more inspired by Ana's steps and they not only protested in big cities like Bombay, Bung lore, Delhi, Ahmadabad and Chunaiy but they wrote on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook in favor of Ana Hazari.

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