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Monday, July 18, 2011

Copper Is The Essential Component Of Modern Age Electronics

All of you might be in the know that 42 metals are used in making telephone set, similarly 35 in television and 30 metals are needed in manufacturing a computer Today not only in America and Western countries but in China and India the metals have got importance. Because all the electronics and electrical appliances are used for making different parts of the metals. Therefore, the mines exploring companies in the search of new mines in the world. Every American and European use metals worth Lbs 47000 annually. The western mining companies have to fulfill theses demands.
Today 1800 mining companies are working in the world.Among these 95 % belong to the western countries. The majority of the mines are in African, South American or Asian countries. The companies using tactics, corruption, evading the taxes and by force purchase the minerals cheaper from poor countries and sell to the richest at higher rates.

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