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Saturday, July 30, 2011

AlQaeda Can Target West From Pakistan--New York Police

The Al qaeda present in Pakistan inspit of being weaker can target western countries. While New York police has devised a fool proof system that can detect a smaller size atom bomb. According to "New York Times" New York city police commissioner has claimed that police has developed an apparatus that smaller atom bomb or explosives. Experiments are being carried out to give it final shape. On other side the former head of the anti terrorism mike in an interview to New York times said that Al Qaeda was weaker though after the death of Bin Laden but but to take it weaker will be a mistake . According to Washington Post the head of the committee about the sanctions on terrorists David S Chuheen has blamed Iran that it was assisting terrorists under a secret agreement and it was standing with the terrorists.
USA has made it a routine to blame one other Islamic country to assisting Al Qaeda , Taliban or terrorists. While what itself USA is doing in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries that has resulted now in its default. That is not far away the 2nd of August is after 24 hours to come. It will be seen that where USA stands after this dead line.

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