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Friday, July 29, 2011

Indian Upper Corrupt Class Is Annoyed With The Decisions Of Apex Court

Experts believe that politicians, government officials and industrialists are utmost corrupt. They even shunt the civil society who they were to ask them the questions. Politicians used to say they were the representatives of the masses while civil society members were not. Therefore, they had no right to investigate them.Due to weakness of the government, the faulty governance and the failure of the government to curb the corruption, the supreme court was forced to interrupt the official affairs of the government to control and solve the corruption menace found in every walk of life.
Some experts are of the view that apex court is playing an important role as a guard of the nation. The intellectuals favoring courts active role say that court review the the actions taken by government in the light of the law and constitution and if they find the government steps confronting the constitution they can make them null and void.They say that a free, independent and active judiciary necessary is essential for a country.
About the vast scale corruption being carried out in India, an eminent former judge of supreme court Krishna Iyer says,": Supreme court is the only institution in India that is free of corruption and it is fighting against the corruption devil, otherwise money is the key to run the government, theefore corruption is being done in each and every department

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