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Sunday, July 31, 2011

From Poverty To Corruption In India

According to a report the Indian economy will progress by 8 % annually for next 40 years. At present Indian economy is 10 th largest economy of the world. Twenty eight % of the people got rid of line of poverty. It means that now 22 % ( 220 million ) people are living below the line of poverty. But, here Indian government showed cleverness over the issue.
Recently, Indian planning commission had constituted a committee of the economists headed by Prof Suresh Tendulker that defined the line of poverty as, " An Indian who earns Rs 446.68 in villages and Rs 578.80 in cities monthly would not be called poor."
The definition of line of poverty was severely criticized by Indian Media. Because according to the definition who earns Rs 15 a day is not poor is a great joke. In India one sided bus fare in Delhi is Rs 15 and one mango sells for Rs 10. What the value Rs 15 have during this price hike age.Experts say that the poverty line limit be fixed at Rs 5000 a month.
The figures of the people below line of poverty presented by Indian government according to its definition is totally wrong. If Rs 5000 earnings per month of an Indian is assumed then the figures go as high as 500 million who live below poverty line in India.
The growing poverty in India can be estimated from the fact that 50% hungry people of the world live in India. Population rate is increasing tremendously. Every year 17 million children are added to the Indian population. India has internal and external debts to the tune of $ 15.5 billion.Corruption is touching its extreme limits that will make India a Banana Republic.

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