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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Indian Courts Are Uprooting The Menace Of Corruption

During the last two years a number of corruption scandals of Indian army came to light. The first was that of "Sakna Land Sale Scandal" The Sakna Military station is located in West Bengal. The military land was sold to a private developer by two lieutenant generals on very cheaper rates through receiving commission. Then a scandal of "Auwrash Housing Society" was disclosed.
The government of Maharashtar constructed flats in Auwrash Housing Society for the families of those Indian army officials who were killed in Kargil war. But , flats were alloted to those politicians, high ranking civil and army officers on their influence who had no concerned in the Kargil war. When this scandal was known to the public there was a lot of hue and cry which resulted in the resignation of Chief Minister Ashok Chavan of Maharashtra.
The Advancement Of Court Activities:-
The members of civil society in India hope that due to court activities their social, and economical problems will be solved. The civil bureaucracy will be warned to work honestly and devotedly. But some people are criticizing the most active role of the courts, they say that apex court has has taken the responsibility of running the country which is against the constitution. They say to warn the government to act properly and honestly is correct but if courts are taking the government duties in hand is wrong.they also say that this will create Court dictatorship.
This is exactly the same situation prevailing in Pakistan but with the difference that every decision of the court in India is respected and obeyed where as in Pakistan nothing positive has been done in spite of the court decisions to curb the corruption regarding "NRO" or "SLIC" scandal, and many more

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