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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Indian Apex Court Confronting The Army

Court under the public interest litigation ordered the army regarding the verdict of a case on May 12, 2011 to cancel the 100 % seats reserved for the children of armed forces personnels in the Medical College of Delhi Cantonment. But army did not obey the orders. A student Rachit Sharma was not admitted to the medical college because his parents did not belong to armed forces though he was eligible for admission.
Court immediately heard the writ of Sharma and sent a notice to Army chief General Vijay Kumar Singh that why not he should be summoned to the court under contempt of court law. Court also issued remarks in the decision of May 12 verdict that educational institutions have no right to refuse admission to any student on the basis of caste, race, social status or profession if a student is otherwise eligible, it is against the spirit of knowledge and education.
The follow up of Sharma's case was not reported in the press so it means Sharma was admitted, because general Vijay Kumar had to submit reply by May 12. In another decision of the Delhi High Court Indian army was ordered to confer permanent commission status to those women who have been selected in the short service commission. When army did not obey the order it was issued contempt of court notice then army had to obey the orders.

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