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Friday, July 29, 2011

A Look At Indian Supreme Court Activities

The following are the departments about which supreme court judges of India gave historical verdicts:-
At present the mobile phone spectrum scam of 2008 is being heard in the court. The minister for telecommunication Anand Mathal Raja, many high ranking officers and industrialists related to the case have been arrested on the orders of the court.
Issues relating to Caste and untouchables:-
Court issued order that those people who kill their children or relatives because of marrying in the other caste or religion should be sentenced to death, so that the massacre in the name of false honor killings may be stopped. Court also banned all the local councils that were deciding for the honor killing.
Tax Evaders:-
The case against those high class people who are tax evaders, save money and avoid taxes and deposit their looted money in foreign banks, is in the court.
Poverty and Hunger:-
Issuing the verdict related to public interest litigation, the court ordered the government to provide the food items free or on cheaper rates to the poor and also increase the amount for the people under poverty line from Rs 15 daily.
Social Welfare:-
Apex court ordered the government to investigate the matter whether the funds allocated for the welfare projects of the rural areas are being justifiably spent or slip into the pockets of officers and corrupt mafia.
Apex court noticed that in the central India where Mao rebellion is going on, there the police and semi government security troops are violating the human rights. Court ordered the the provincial government to terminate local malatia and improve the policing system.
In a case verdict supreme court ordered all the provincial governments to view and submit report that all the government schools must have clean drinking water, separate wash rooms for girls and boys and electricity facilities.
Apex court issued a notice of contempt of court to the Indian army chief because he stopped a common citizen from admission in army medical College.
On the orders of supreme court 305 district judges, and magistrates are being investigated for misconduct. Among these officers 75 have been forcibly retired due to proofs of the allegations.
Manmohan Singh government appointed a government officer P.J Thompson the chief of anti corruption department , the Central Vigilance Commission. The apex court made this appointment null and void and asked the government the person who is under investigation and cases are against him in the court , why was he was handed over the anti corruption bureau.
All the positive and constructive activities of the Indian Supreme Court are narrated here so that our Pakistani higher authorities may get lesson from an enemy country. I do not love India, I LOVE MY BELOVED SACRED PAKISTAN ONLY. INDIA IS OUR ENEMY FROM DAY 1 AND WILL BE ENEMY FOR EVER. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN. BUT THEIR SYSTEM IS BETTER THAN OURS. OUR COURTS ARE DOING THE SAME AS DO INDIA'S BUT RULERS ARE NOT DOING THE SAME AS INDIAN RULERS DO.

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