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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Use Less Salt And Save Life

According to a study in the USA, taking minimum salt in diets not only can save millions of lives but also save billions of dollars spent on treatments of various diseases.A research conducted in the Stanford University School of Medicine taking 10 % less salt in diet can save millions of lives in the world. Researchers concluded that in the USA only taking low salt foods 0.5 million Americans can be saved from heart attack and $ 32 million would be saved to treat the disease. The low salt target can be achieved by minimizing salt in the precessed foods and various companies have already taken steps in this regard.
During 2008 a National Salt Reduction Program was initiated that was adopted by many companies. During the campaign various targets were set and under this salt was reduced in dozens of foods items. In the United States half of the largest food processing companies have joined this compaign. The first Lady Of The USA Mashall Obama started a campaign under which she asked the big companies to increase the healthy constituents in the processed foods like fiber, fruits, vegetables and vitamins and decrease unhealthy constituents as calories, fats and
others. It is worth mentioning that with taking of low quantity of salts keeps the blood pressure low which is an important factor among heart attack causes. The results of use of reduced salts in foods have great benefits.

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