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Sunday, July 31, 2011

CIA's Chief Leaves Pakistan

The CIA's Islamabad station chief, who oversaw the intelligence team that uncovered Osama bin Laden's hideout, has left Pakistan for medical reasons, a US official said.
The CIA declined to comment on the matter. "The chief of station is a respected, senior officer who had the full faith and confidence of folks back in Washington," the US official told the reporter on condition of anonymity.
"Most people will agree the officer's role in one of the greatest intelligence victories of all time means this person was pretty darn effective, no matter what the Pakistanis may think."
American television, citing US and Pakistani officials, said the officer who headed one of the Central Intelligence Agency's most sensitive positions worldwide was not expected to return.
It was the second such departure in seven months from the post.
Despite the quick turnover at the key office, US officials told American TV that it would not hamper US intelligence efforts in Pakistan.

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