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Monday, February 29, 2016

Blair's Secret Nights With Rupert Murdoch

his time

Though Blair spent most of his time jetting around Africa and Middle East after leaving office, he made sure he kept up with Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire owner of the News Corporation media group. In 2011, two men met in America- not long after Murdoch made the decision to close the News of the World. Afterwards, Blair teamed up with tycoon's wife Wendi Deng, to make business trips to her Native China.
The following year he visited the attractive 43-year-old twice at her husband's London home. Then that August he was spotted alone with her in Mayfair Club.Next, Blair flew out to see Deng at Murdoch's 1,000 acre home near Carmel in California. She told nothing to Murdoch about Balir's visit instead she said she was staying at the ranch with her girlfriend. In fact her friend had already left when prime minister arrived and Deng had also told some of her staff to make them scarce, while Blair's security staff was quartered in a nearby hotel.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Supermodel Gigi Hadi's Disastrous Wardrobe Malfuntion

Fashion week veteran Gigi Hadid opened and closed Versace show in Milan, where she unintentionally displayed more than she wanted to. The 20-year-old model-who is dating former One Direction singer Zayn Malik, walked for Versace and shocked fans sitting on te front row when her low-cut dress slipped down and revealed her asset.
Rather than quickly fix the wardrobe malfunction the stunner marched on. It was literally the longest runway at a fashion show ever and she had to walk half way with her b***out. Gigi maintained her professionalism during the show. Meanwhile Gigi featured in sizzling bikini shots in the latest Sports illustrated magazine and revealed she texted her 'special some one' when the magazine went to print.

Muhammad Amir's World Record Against India In Asia Cup T20

Despite the defeat against India in a high-voltage game of Asia cup T20, Pakistani fans have something to cheer about, and that is Muhammad Amir's unforgettable spell in the match which won million of hearts. With his two wickets in first over, he also bagged a world record to get both Indian openers out for duck in T20 match. It was first time in International T20 cricket that both Indian openers left the crease without opening their account. Amir removed batsman Rohit Sharma for duck just on second ball of first over pf the match and then sent Rahane to pavilion for 0 on third ball of the over. Suraish Rana was his third prey, he chipped a quicker one to shot mid-off, where it was easily caught by Sami. He bowled an outstanding spell of 3-18 in four overs. Here are the glimpses in video of Amir's making the Indian openers out.
Muhammad Aamir got 2nd wicket on 4th Ball Of... by Viral__Videos

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Four Pakistanis Made it To Forbes '30 Under 30' Asia List For 2016


Four Pakistanis were recognized in Forbes '30 under 30' Asia list for 2016, in which business magazine recognized 600 young game-changers across 20 different fields. This year's Social Entrepreneurship and Media and Marketing category features four Pakistanis who they believe are changing the world. **-- Khalida Brohi:-
Khalida Brohi, 25, Founder of Sughar, who started a non-profit organization to empower rural women in Pakistan, at the age of 16, after witnessing an honour killing. Brohi's social enterprise provides six months training to women in 23 Pakistani villages. During training they gain business knowledge, learn ways to monetize traditional embroidery skills, and get access to loans and markets. **-- Fizza Farhan:-- Fizza Farhan, 27, is the founder and CEO of Bukhsh Foundation. Fiza was elected as a member of the first ever High-Level Panel of Un Secretary-General on Women's Economic Empowerment this month. She is also the director of Bukhsh Energy and was also part of '30 under 30' list by Forbes magazine for Social Entrepreneurs in 2015. **-- Umar Anwar Jahangir:--
Umar Anwar Jahangir, 24, is the founder and secretary of Bahria Medies. He is running several non-profit health care programs in Karachi. One of his flagship initiatives is program to create country first blood bank integrated to mobile network. **-- Muniba Mazari:-
Muniba, 28, is an Anchor person at PTV. She was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador to advance gender equality and empowerment of women by United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowement of Women.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Some Most Cruel Personalities In The History-2

**-- IVan:- This is a character of the past (Picture above). He was the Zar of Russia from 1533 to 1584. He was all in all regarding power. He was also an exampalary cruel person. He was so since his childhood. He used to throw small animals from height and enjoyed of their death. He was so superstitious that considered every one his enemy. If someone was looking towards, he thought his intentions are dangerous for him. If some one talked in loud voice he thought he could creat problems in future, so suffering from this negative thinking he killed thousands of people. He had constructed torture cell in his palace. One of his enjoyment was to kill children in front of parents and parents in front of children. In 1984, he was died when he was playing chess with his friend. It is thought that he was poisoned. **-- Attila:--
He ruled from 434 to 453, over a vast territory from Germany to River Denyub. He was the only powerful person in the area. He was so cruel that due his cruelities he was called Atilla (The lion of God). He killed persons with torturing him and enjoyed the scene. There was no word of forgiveness near to him. During his era, there lived a a Christian pious and beautiful lady called Saint Arsala. Atilla proposed her for marriage, on her refusal, he burnt Arsala along with her 12,000 followers alive. It is said that he used to drink the blood of young women after killing them. He brutally killed his brother and two sons and ate them He died in 453. **-- Caligula:-
Caligula was the third emperor of Roman Empire from 37 to 43 AD. The historians focus upon his cruelty, sadism, extravagance and sexual perversity. When he was crowned he sacrificed 0.15 million animals to please Gods. He suffered from a brain trouble due to which he was always in trouble. He considered himself God. He killed children just for enjoyment and got pleasure from their weeping and crying. He had lions, tigers and other barbarians for to tear prisoners which he got happy when saw them torn by beasts. He thought that child blood will give him long life so he killed unlimited number of children and drank their blood. He was killed in 43 and people got relaxed. **--Nero:-
Nero was one of the worst and the cruelest ruler of the history. A famous proverb is commonly narrated in the East regarding Nero like act. It is," Rome was burning and Nero was playing on flute". Nero did not adapt one method to kill the people. He killed them by throwing from very high place like hills, by hanging, throwing before beasts, or poisoning them. He conducted different experiments to kill people with terrible methods and after killing some one he used to enjoy music. His family members also fell pray to his killing methods. He killed mother, wife and brothers. He ruled from 54 AD to 64 AD. **--Josef Mengele:-- He was a medical doctor, a physician in the Nazi camp. He used to conduct experiments on the prisoners. Nazis handed over the victims to Josef and he was on his liberty to do whatever he did he want. He thought himself to be a great doctor, a surgeon and a scientist. He tore the victims without giving any anaesthesia. Once he thought of conducting experiment on twins whether one's pain is felt by the other sibling. Thus conduting his barbaric experiments he killed 12,000 kids. Many children were available in the prisoner camps and others were searched for by his workers. Once he laid down twins on separate tables and made one child blind by pouring acid in his eyes to see whether other child could see or not. After WW II he fled to South America along with his and died in 1985 during swimming. **Elizabeth Bathony:-
Though there few women in the list of cruel people, but those were also not less than men regarding barbarism. It is said about Coleopatra that she spent each night with a new slave and in the morning killed him. She was an influential countess and a serial killer. She called herself Women DRacula. She used to drink the blood of young girls to keep herself young and beautiful. Bathony and her four collaborators were accused of killing 650 young 1585 and 1610. She was trialed but due to family influenced she was imprisoned where she died after four years. She belonged to Hungry.

A Video About Contaminated Green Tea Bag In Dubai Went Viral

After a video about the contaminated green tea bag went viral on social media platform, the Dubai Municipality has issued a statement quashing the rumours. Food Planning and Studies specialist said we have visited the brand's Dubai factory and checked every product, the moving images are only strands of food flavouring. As the leading tea brand company in the region recognized for its quality and process, Lipton confirms that this information is wrong. Lipton lemon green tea, lemon flavour particles, brown in color and curved should not be mistaken for foreign material. The quick confirmation of the authenticity of the flavour particles is to put it in hot water and see it dissolved.

ISIS Threatened CEOs Facebook And Twitter

ISIS has released a 25-minute-video which targets Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey over suspended accounts. The video features the faces of both the CEOs being riddled with mock bullet holes. The ISIS has begun to respond with increasing urgency as Facebook and Twitter have attempted to block the terrorist content on the networks. Representatives of both the companies met with the senior White House officials to discuss how to deal with the terrorism online. In the video ISIS claim they control more than 10,000 Twitter's and 150 Facebook accounts. The video seemed to specifically be targeting Twitter for closing ISIS related accounts. A widely circulated statement in March 2015 was directly addressed to Dorsey," Your virtual war on us will cause a real war on you, you started this failed war. We told you from the very beginning it is not your war, but did not get it and kept closing our accounts but we always come back." But when our lions (brave men) come and take your breath, you will never come back to life.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Mother Was Raped In ICU Unit In Indian Hospital

An Indian woman has reportedly been raped hours after giving birth to child, while in intensive care unit in a hospital near New Delhi. The 23-year-old woman, delivered child through caesarean section, claimed that she was attacked and despite of screaming no staff came to help her. The alleged rapist was caught on CCTV as he entered the private hospital in Bahaduragarh, near New Delhi.
The young woman had been placed in an ICU unit after welcoming her first child via c-section, in order to recover after surgery. CCTV shows her alleged attacker getting out of a car and entering in to ICU unit. The security camera shows footage at around 0330 am, the man reportedly getting entry after telling the guard he was a doctor. He checked so many patients but no one asked about his identity. It means hospital are safe even in India for women what to speak of streets or bus and railway stations.

Some Most Cruel Personalitsie Of The History-1

The strangest thing in the universe is human being. No one else has as much contradictions as human has. Human is on one side very kind, polite and merciful, on other hand he is most cruel and brutal too. If he is on one hand God of Love while on other he is devil of hatred. Some people are so merciful that they feel the troubles of other for themselves. Tyrannies and brutalities and experienced from new to newest methods of killing and torturing humans for his beast like nature and for pleasure remained the hobby of some cruel people. History remembers them but in a negative way. Here are some of the most cruel people of the history. **-- Dracula:-- This person has left his memories (Picture above)in the history as one of the most brutal persons. Count Dracula-He remained the king of Vlajaspa thrice between 1428 and 1476. His state was an independent one. His actual name was Vlad not Dracula, the later name was given by historians, meaning 'little devil', which became his identity. Nobody knows Count Vlad but Dracula is known to every child even because of horror films. He felt pleasure in killing humans and in the flow of blood from human's body. When he came into power his circle of human killing game widened, he killed some one just on pity things. His one way of his barbaric game was tying the legs of a person with separate and opposite side running horses, when they ran, the person got torn into half, he enjoyed it, drank wine and laughed loudly. Other brutal killing game of humans he used was palification of billed (pointed) wooden sticks in the body of victim in such a way that it oozed out from from throat through belly and he ordered his men to hit the person's head with hammer. An estimate indicates that he killed nearly 0.1 million people violently. **-- Joseph Stalin-
He remained the dictator of Russia from 1932 to 1953. His 30-year-rule was a symbol of violence, and force. Any one who wrote, spoke or raised voice against was killed. He did not tolerate intelligent people in the state, any one he thought could think was against him and was thrown in gas chamber. It is said that he killed three million people among them one million were Jews. ** Adolf Hitler:-
He was responsible for starting World War II. The history, specially written or filmed by Jews (As the print and electronic media in the west are occupied by them) has been for their own interests. No doubt Hilter was a dictator and a dictator can not tolerate any thing against his nature. but he has been the most brave and courageous person in the history. He did an excellent job for genocide of the most dangerous nation in the world. It was due to his intelligent act that the dangerous tribe could not find piece of land to live and then Britain came to its help and make them sit just on the head of Palestinians. The Jewish lobby is the one that showed him the most cruel person in the history. Nazi camps of prisoners are said to be the center of torture but what the Jews and others against Hitler say about the American torture cells like Guantamo Bay in the modern world. What about American brutalities in Iraq, Syria and other Islamic countries where cluster bombs are showered and the most modern weapons are tested. Hitler may have killed six million Jews but America and Israel have killed more than 60 million innocent people. Who is the most cruel in the history America or the bravest dictator Hitler. He was so brave that did not like to hand over himself to the hands of enemies. To take the life of others is the easiest job, but taking one's own life is the most difficult one. Only brave persons like Hitler could do that. **-- Pol Pot:-
He was the prime minister of Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. There are also several stories linked to his gruesome acts. He also killed thousands of people. One thing is common in all thses cruel people that they are extremely violent for their opposed people and discover new methods to torture their opposition. Every dictator bring his own philosophy and views and can not bear criticism on these. Pol Pot thought that Cambodia can not progress until the old traditions, society and religion is not changed. He suffered from the madness of bringing industrial revolution in the country for which he acted brutally. In his rule thousand of people were forced to work forcibly. He wanted work and work and worked. If somebody got sick may be women he/she was made stand in cold water up to their neck without clothes and there was no discrimination of pregnant women. The word Veitnam was like a abuse for him. If any man or woman got married to Veinamese men or woman both were killed. He kept record of the persons he killed along with photos. It is said that he had also saved skulls of the persons he killed.

Important Arrests Are Expected In Sindh During Next 48 Hours (Video)

Important Arrests Expected in Next 48 Hours... by msaeedd321

After the arrest of Uzair Baloch, People's Party became in trouble. Therefore, Zardari is issueing controversial statements about army. Some times he harsh language about army and on other hand he advocates for the extension in service of army chief. He may want to gain the favour of army, but does not he know that Raheel Sharif is far beyong intelligent than he thinks. He knows the nature of PPPP. The investigation from Uzair is entering into critical stage and former interior minister Zulfiqar Mirza has also been called for investigation by rangers. Uzair Baloch has revealed important secrets under which some important personalities may be arrested with in hours.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Watch The Shameful Act Of A Man In Expo Center Karachi (Video)

Watch What This Man Doing with A Lady in Expo... by UNewsTv

Some Stars Who Shrunk Their Breasts

Which celebrities have undergone boobs job? This is a question that is commonly bantered on internet. But which celebrities have undergone breasts reduction?, this question is less commonly asked. Here are the answers for those wondering. *Ariel Winter:- Ariel Winter (Picture above) underwent the procedure at the age of 17 after she got sick of internet trolls slamming her size F chest. **-- Drew Barrymore:-
Drew Barrymore went through the breast reduction in 1992. "There is something very awkward about women and their breasts because men look at them so much," once she said, when they are huge you become very self-conscious. Your back hurts. You find that whatever you wear you look heavy in it, It is uncomfortable. *--Soleil Moon:--
Sleil Moon went from 38DD to 36C at the age of 16. She must have been in so much pain as she stands only 5'1'. **-- Sharon Osbourne:-
Sharon had her breasts implant removed in 2011. She said around that time 34DD implants were too big. And she also went down two cups during surgery. **-- Patricia Heaton:
After having four kids, actress Patricia Heaton has been open about her plastic surgeries. She had a breast reduction and tummy-tuck. **-- Heidi Montag:--
The former Hills star famously got at least one boob job in 2013, though she made headlines after calling paparazi to take her photos in bikini after undergoing breast reduction surgery having gone down from F cup to alleged C one. **-Dina Manzo:-

In An Old Video Kesha Denied Under Oath That She Was Raped By Dr Luke

Kesha has thanked fan for outpouring support amid her ongoing legal fight as a 2011 video emerged showing the pop star under oath that producer Dr Luke never dragged her or made sexual advances. The edited video published by TMZ and obtained from Dr Luke source, shows Kesha answering questions about allegations, which came up when Dr Luke and she were being sued by her ex-manager Sonenberg of DAS Communication. However, Kesha's lawyer clamed that Dr Luke forced her to lie under oath and threatened to destroy her career and family. Kesha,28, is attempting to get out of Sony contract, saying that producer Dr Luke abused her sexually and emotionally for years. Her request was denied by a New York judge, prompting outrage among her fans and other pop star including Demi Lavato and Taylor Swift.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

American Women Like Pakistani Men

Though there is a lot of negative propaganda in western press about Pakistan that they are terrorists or creating terrorists but American women do not agree too it and in a survey they said they like Pakistani men more than Americans, which ignited American men a well as Indians, because Indian even were not talked about in te survey. A website Miss Travel conducted a survey and asked questions from 66, 000 American women about men in different countries regarding sex appeal as the the result revealed that American women preffered Pakistani men over American Ones and did not mention about Indians even. In the survey the number men were Irish, on second number were Australians and Pakistanis ranked on third while Americans were given number 4. Similarly, Britians were ignored totally by American women.

Some White Poisons That Are Killing You Slowly

Many of us just are not aware about those things that somehow are dangerous and harmful for our body and we are still consuming them every day. These harmful products contain ryourself with these harmful food items before you take tm every day. *-Refined Flour:- The white or refined flour consist fewer amount of nutrients and is relatively a pure starch. Also, addition of chemicals forms a product called alloxan is used for generating medical research diabetes. It destroys pancreatic cells of the body. *- Refined Sugar:- Refined sugar is basically white sugar that is derived from plant sources like sugarcane and beets. And their juices discard 90 % fibers and vitamins. *- Process Of Sugar:- The sugar extracting process also involves adding carbon dioxide and lime to the sugar juice obtained in earlier phase which makes it fat-free with no benefit in human food. *- Pasteurized Cow Milk:- The milk pasteurization process gives long shelf-life but it may cost lot to us. The pasteurized milk is almost deprived of valuable vitamins and enzymes. *Removal Of 10 % Iodine:- The pasteurized or treated milk destroys 10 % iodine leading to constipation and eliminates many vital qualities from the milk. *- Refined Rice:- The refined rice or white one causes the glucose level to get increased in the body resulting in increased riskof diabetes. The refined rice including the refining process that discards outer germ and that remains is endosperm, which is almost a starch. *-- Refined Salt:- Refined salt that we use daily is sodium chloride. This element boosts up the cardiovascular problems. It has other harmful effects also.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Preity Zinta Will Marry Her American Boyfriend In April

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta,42, reportedly will wed rumoured boyfriend, financial consultant, Gene Goodenough in an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles in April. They will have intimate church ceremony in Los Angeles which will be followed fat Rajput wedding ceremony in Mumbai.
It will be a select group of people who will attend her Los Angeles wedding. Her Indian wedding, consisting of three-day events of sangeet and mehndi, in Mumbai will see who is who of the film industry.
Gene is a graduate from Marshall School of Business and currently works as senior vice president of Finance NLine Energy which is a US-based hydroelectric company. Preity allegedly met Gene during one of her Us trips through her brother who lives in LA with family. The sangeet and Mehndi outfits will be designed by the actress close friends Manish Malhotra and Surily Goel.
The actress was earlier believed to be in relationship with industrialist Ness Wadia and Preity's co-owner of Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Kings XI Punjab are believed to have dated for five years between 2005 to 2009. The power couple have decided to direct all the hypes and anticipation surrounding their wedding into charitable cause.
They will be putting their private wedding images up for auction and the proceeds thus generated out of these will be go the Preity Zinta Foundation. The foundation works for educating children and of old age rehabilitation. Preity is involved in several charitable initiatives but speaks less about her this work as she is extremely private person.

Khloe Kardashiam Lost Her Virginity At 15 (Video)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Caste Riots In India Claims 10 Lives

Ten people have died in caste protests which triggered widespread arson and looting in a northern Indian state, while New Delhi faces water crisis as mob shut down key supply. Thousands of troops with shoot-on-sight orders were deployed in Haryana State, a day after week long protests turned violent with rioters setting homes and railway stations on fire and blocking highways. The Jat caste is leading the protests, demanding quotas for jobs and university places, saying they are struggling for employment and education opportunities despite India's strong economic growth. One of the India;s largest car maker Maruti Suzuki suspended its operation at its two Haryana plants after the protesters disrupted supply of components.

Governor Sindh Should Be Sacked--- MQM

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has re-introduced its demand to sack present governor Sindh Dr Ishrat ul Ibad and urged Pakistan People's Party to to endorse its stance. Dr Ishrat ul Ibad, from December 2002 to day is the longest serving governor in Pakistan's history. He was backed by MQM for the post of governorship in the early era of Parvez Musharraf. Until 2011, he was considered a close aide of MQM chief Altaf Hussain and a 'man of crisis', who could always be relied upon and come up to the expectation of party chief. Not any more, they now privately accuse him of betraying the party and indulging in corruption for himself and submitting to the PPP for personal gains. MQM had demanded his resignation back in May 2015 but due to Rangers pressure they had silently withdrew their demand. Now they demand PPP to complete their deal.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Some Body Parts Of Human That Are Just Unique As Fingerprint

Fingerprints are considered as a mark of identity as they are person specific. But a few of us know that not only are the finger prints but there are also other parts which are person specific. Here are some of these. *Iris:- Eyes are the window to your soul and identity. The iris, a muscle that opens and closes the pupil to control how much light enters the eye, has tiny textural pattern. DNA determines the color and structure of iris, but its random pits, furrows, swirls and rifts occur during fetal development, which makes every iris unique ( even your two irises do not match each other). The patterns are thought to appear as the fetus opens and closes its developing eyes, and iris tissues tighten and fold. *- Ear:- Trace the rim of your ear: feel the curves and ridges; you are th only person in the world with that exact shape. The ear is such a handy identifier that Yahoo is developing technology to open Smartphone with ear scanner. Someone receiving a call would unlock the phone by simply pressing it to the ear. *- Lip Print:- Hypothetically, detectives could seal evidence with a kiss. A study in the Forensic Journal of Dental Sciences found that the pattens of elevations and depressions in the lips are unique as fingerprints. There is just one problem: though lip prints have been used in the court as identification in isolated cases, criminals typically do not smooch on the crime scene. *- Tongue:- Like fingerprints tongue has its own shape and texture, and its tiny bumps and ridges are distributed in a way that is uniquely yours. These patterns rarely change over time since the tongue is protected inside mouth (unlike fingerprints, which may become scarred). Scientists are developing 3-D imaging to aid in identification. *- Voice:- It is not quite a body part, but your voice is unlike any one else's. Some vocal characteristic are easy to detect such as frequency (high or low) and intensity (loud or soft). Based on the combined traits scientists have already created systems to automatically recognize a person's voice if it is pre-recorded in database. *-Toe Prints:- A fetus toe prints develop at the same time a fingerprints, and are as just unique. Since crooks are more likely to leave fingerprints behind, the FBI maintains a national database that links 66 million people to their fingerprints. but does not record foot or toe prints.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Meera Will Interview The Candidates Wishing To Marry Her

Actress Meera will conduct interview of the wealthy businessmen as well as famous personalities for marriage which she intends to have in the current year. She will conduct interviews in Lahore on February 13 and in Islamabad at Marriot Hotell on March 5. She might have already conducted interviews in Karachi on Feb 12 and Peshawar on Feb 18. Meera has already enlisted the candidates that are 39 total in number. These men include of young, mid and old age people. Among them 11 belong to Peshawar, while 21 men are from Lahore. Among the men who contacted her for marriage from Karachi and Islamabad are 5 and two persons are from abroad. Among the candidates 9 are widowers, 7 persons are businessmen, 11 are doctors and engineers and related to other professions. Six persons are landlord and six also belong to politics. Meera will check and select the wealthiest one.

Woman Pulled Down Her Skirt In The Security Queue At The Airport

Eimear Ni, a former school teacher took off her skirt after going through airport security at Stansted Airport. The 29-year-old arrived at the airport just 90 minutes before her flight to Barcelona. She was among a number of passengers who grew agitated while waiting in the security queue. The woman got agitated as she waited in a standstill security queue. The security staff later said they feared she might be hiding something on her. The former teacher said she took off her skirt to prove she was innocent. She was fined 80 pounds.

The Wolf Showers Wildlife Worker Kekeoa Wth Kisses In Snow (Video)

Facebook Friends Turned To Be Husband And Wife

A man was shocked to know that his Facebook lover was really his wife after meeting her for the first time at at a restaurant, in India. Police said they were called to the restaurant after couple started fighting and the manager feared that they may turn violent. The man and woman had gone their separate ways after being unable to cope with their endless fights. The husband decided to search Facebook for new lover. After a few weeks he found a woman and began to chat with her. The husband had no clue that his wife was also on Facebook. Both used fake names. After three months, the Facebook lovers decided to meet. They set up a time to meet at a restaurant. As they arrived and saw each other they were shocked and surprised. The argument broke out, the police were called to intervene, no arrests were made but the couple were sent for counseling.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

AIDS Infected Girl Is Intentionally Spreading Disease Among Men In UAE

A 19-year-old girl infected with Aids told police that she had slept with many men in Abu Dhabi although she knew that she was suffering from killer disease. The girl was arrested with two men in an apartment in the capital and tests showed she was suffering from the Aquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). She admitted that she was infected with the HIV virus following a relationship with a man carrying the virus. She confessed she was intentionally spreading the AIDs among men because she wanted to destroy them after she was infected by a man. She told police she had slept with a number of men. The girl was identified by police. The girl later retracted from her confessions in the court while the two men caught with her denied sleeping with the girl. The tests of the men showed they were not infected with the disease.