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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tomatoes Increase The Risk Of Cancer

Tomatoes hold many benefits as they contain lycopene i.e. red pigment which has antioxidants and anti-free radical properties. But this red juicy vegetable increases the risk of cancer. According to a Chinese study published in European Journal of Cancer, eating tomatoes is associated with 11 percent increase in cancer risk. The study has also revealed that there is no link between vegetable consumption and stomach cancer risk. However potatoes and white vegetables such as asparagus, chard (Chukanadar), celery(ajwain), cauliflower, endive and leek (hari piaz) have properties to prevent the disease and are associated with 33 % decrease in risks. Furthermore, an additional 100g of fruit per day can reduce the risk by five percent. And for extra 100g of citrus fruit the risk reduction is 3 %. It has been discovered that Vitamin C lowers the risk by 11 percent. Food which increases the risk of stomach as found by studies include processed meat, salted fish an increase of four percent per portion per week, high salt food (an increase of 10 percent per portion per week), salt ( an increase of 12 per cent per 5 kg per day), alcohol, beer and liquor( a 5 percent increase per 10 kg per day), but not the wine.

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