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Monday, May 9, 2016

New Leaks Of Panama Papers Include Names Of Pakistani, Politicians, Celebritie, Businessmen And Media Owners

New release of Papers based on 11.5 million files have been shared by the International Consotium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The list includes more than 200,000 off shore entities, but more have to come. The new list includes PTI's Imran Khan's close aide, PPP's Benazir's cousin, former president Asif Ali Zardari and MQM's Altaf Hussain's close friend. Seth Abid's son, retired admiral's son, MD of port Qasim Authority and mother of Oscar Award winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy. New list issued today (May 9,2016) reveals names of Pakistani big guns. Zulfi Bokhari, a key financier of PTI chairman Imran Khan. The six companies owned by Zulfi family are:- K- Factor Limited, Bradbury Resources Ltd, Bayteck Ltd, Bayla Trading Ltd, Poreim Trading Ltd and Ganstam Trading Ltd. Wajid Bokhari, Zulfi's father was caretaker minister in the interim set up installed for holding 2008 elections. One of his uncles is sitting PTI MPA from Attock. Iran Puri, an oil czar, equally close to PPP/MQM leadership and presently in Dubai jail (along with his son). Irfan is share holder in three companies in British Virgin Island: IP Commodities Limited, IP Global Limited and Pure Palm Oil Limited. Tariq Islam, a cousin of late Banazir Bhutto: Links Investments Limited. Son of former health minister Naseer Khan(Atwood Investments Limite). His som Muhammad Jibran and his brother Zafrullah Khan have been identified as shareholders among others. Sajid Mahmood, son of famous seth Abid (Mossgreen Limited, an off shore company, registered only last year) in British Virgin Islands. Other shareholders of the company are: Akbar Mahmood, Ejaz Mahmood and Bushra Ejaz. The family owns more than 30 companies in Pakistan under the banner Abid Group. Son of admiral (retd) Muzaffar Hassan, (Nabila Matrix Limited) an off shore company of British Virgin Islands.) Port Qasim Authority's former MD and NRO beneficiary Abdul Sattar Dero (Destiny Investment development Limited, and Simkins International Limited). Former presiden of Karachi Chamber of Commerce, Shaukat Ahmad, Global Link Properties Inc,. registered in Seychelles. Saba Obaid, mother ofOscar Award Winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, three companies: Fabrics International Services Limited, Belize Group Limited, and Bella Holding Group Limited. Belize Group Limited, off shore company owned by Chinoy family owns two properties in New York's Trump Tower of Donald Trump. Owner of Sachal studio Izzat Majeed (Notivus Resources Limited of British Virgin Islands). Wife of Ghaus Akbar ( Mark Investment Limited, IMM Gulf Limited, Indigo Properties Limited, and Zarmay Investment Ltd are their companies registered in Republic of Seychelles. Fashion designer Zehra Villiani along with her brother Fawad Villiani (European American Investments Limited, Polenta Capital, Ikogenia Trust and Emirates Commerce Limited, Fawad Villiani (CEO of Elixir Securities), (Zehra Villiani, a fashion and Jewellery designer in Islamabad) and their mother Sameena Villiani. Wamiq Zuberi of Business Recorder and his wife, former PPP senator Rukhsana Zuberi. Munir Monnoo and his son Hamayun (owners of Olympia International set up a company, Clifton Holdings Services Incorporated in Panama. The names and list above is just a glimpse of BIG THIN. Best will be done to bring all fishes in front of you as soon as compilation process gets completed. Panama Papers second Edition includes hundreds of Pakistanis who are tax evaders and oened companies in tax heavens.

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