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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Japanese Pop Star Was Stabbed Several Times By Obsessive Fan

Japanese pop star, Mayo Tomita,20, was repeatedly knifed in a frenzied attack by an obsessive fan while she was waiting to appear at a small concert venue in Tokyo. Police arrested Tomohiro Lwazaki,27, on th spot and seized blood covered knife. Tomita was working as pop star and actor while completing her college studies. Before th attack singer had complained to the police tat Lwazaki was posting obsessive comments about her at Twitter and blogging sites. Lwazaki told the police he became angry towards the star when she returned a gift he had sent to her. Japanese female pop singers often cultivate a girl-next-door image, appearing at fan events and performing at smaller venues. In 2014, two teen age members of girls AKB48 were attacked by a man wielding a saw at one of the band's regular meet-the-fans-events.

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