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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Three Pakistani Universities Ranked In The World's Biggest Universities

In the ranking of World's biggest universities on the basis of number of students, three Pakistani universities have also made their way. According to the report among 62 universities listed in the ranking, 57 are public while five are private. Report has been compiled through several sources and universities enrolling 0.1 million students or exceeding it are listed in this report. In the report three Pakistani universities have made their way, these are: Allama Iqbal University, Punjab Universoty and University of Karachi. Other top universities are:- Indra Gandhi National Open University (3.5 million students) Bangladesh National University (2.097 million students) Anadolu University (Turkey) 1.974 million students Islamic Azad University (Iran) 1.613 million students Allama Iqbal Open University (1.327 million) students Punjab University being on 18th number has 0.450 million students, while Jamia Karachi established in 1951 in public sector stands on 40th number having 0.174 million students.

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