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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Grandson Of Pakistani Bus Conductor Is Transport Minister In Scottish Government Now

In Pakistan can one believe the poorest men like Sadiq Khan, son of a bus driver and Hamza Yousuf, grandson of bus conductor can become London's mayor, or transport minister , respectively, in Britain and Scotland . The politicians of Pakistan who are beating the drum day and night about democracy, do they know what a democracy is? they must learn from west, where they go for the treatment of headache, have their accounts and houses and their kids are working or studying in western countries. Would they allow the son of a labourer, mason or a bus conductor to contest election? Or at least they learn from their friend India (Friend of rulers and enemy of Pakistan and a common Pakistani), who at least have a fair system and process of conducting elections. Where election commission is free, impartial, independent, and work with full powers during elections. Hamza Yousuf, a Muslim politician, elected to the Scottish parliament, said he was delighted as the grandson of a Pakistani bus conductor to become Transport Minister in Scottish government. Yousuf, a member of Scottish National Party who won a seat from the city of Glasgow expressed his delight in messages posted to his 47 thousand followers on Twitter. Yousuf is the son of immigrants- a Pakistani father and Kenyan mother who came to Britain in 1960s. Last week he took oath as MSP for Glasgow wearing a kilt and a sherwani, an outfir he described as fusing "both my Scottish and Pakistani heritage. He took oath in English and Urdu.
Yousuf completed his degree in politics from the University of Glasgow in 2007 and joined the Scottish parliament as an aide to MSP late Bashir Ahmad. He was elected as a member of Scottish Parliament in 2011 from SNP. In 2012, he became not only the youngest minister in the Scottish parliament history for being appointed as first-ever minister for International Affairs and International Development and also the first minister belonging to an ethnic minority background.

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