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Friday, May 27, 2016

Cruel Doctors Left Transgender To Die Without Treating Her In Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar

Transgender activist,23, known as Alisha who was shot eight times died in Peshawar hospital with out urgent necessary treatment, where doctors wasted time to decide whether put her in male or female ward. This was the only excuse whereas doctors hate to treat transgenders, in Pakistan. This is not the first case in Pakistani hospital. They mistreat them, they even do not consider them human beings. Are not taught in colleges to treat humans with out considering their caste, sex, gender.? This is mere a cruel treatment of doctors. They are even themselves not human beings but degraded people. Not Muslims. Though not all, exceptions are there. The transgender advocacy Group Trans Action Alliance (TAA), of which Alisha was a district coordinator, wrote a series of Facebook posts documenting the alleged mistreatment.
They wrote on Facebook page," Alisha was shifted to female ward but then female patients had problem with her being transgender, we really do not know what to do and where to go."
Shockingly, medics of hospital are also accused of sexually harassing the members of the group who accompanied Alisha, asking how much they would charge to dance or have sex, as their friend lay dying. ' the operation theater male staff kept giving me their numbers and everyone wanted my contact number," a post read. A doctor wanted to know how much I would charge to dance for a night and another health technician wanted to know if i danced to performed sex, all these questions were asked when we were with our friend and did not know she will die or survive.
Alisha said before her death that society does not accept us, at least we should be as disabled or special persons by the society. Alisha was the fifth transgender activist of TAA to be attacked in recent months in KPK province. There are at least 45,000 transgenders in KPK and nearly half a million nationwide. But they face discrimination in the in Pakistan's most traditional societies, despite supreme court's ruling supposedly granting them equal rights in the country. Local governments are accused of denying them access to education and healthcare. Some earn money by dancing at weddings and parties, while they are believed to bring good luck. Others are forced to live high-risk lifestyle working as prostitutes or beggingon th streets to make enoug money to survive.

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