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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Inzemam Ul Haq Is A Traitor--Aamir Sohail

When politics enters into sport institutions, nobody can stop it from getting destroyed. Nowhere, but in Pakistan it is happening since long. The live example is the game of cricket. Now a days, it is the only game in Asian, African, and two or three countries of the west. It has money, fame and making the cricketers celebrities in the world and favourite of opposite sex. It gives wealth not only to cricketers but to its sponsors and advertisers. Though it is the game played mostly by the countries who have been slaves to Britishers. England is the founder of the game and popularized it in the states occupied by it like India, Pakistan and other African countries. It is the game that wastes a lot of time. Once the test matches continued for five days without any result. Still one day and T20 spends 4 to 8 hours. The people and the countries who value time and utilize their every second in positive and constructive works do not waste time in watching and playing cricket. The super powers like the USA, Russia, Japan and China have no cricket teams and are ruling the world finantialy. They have national teams playing games that expands on hour or two like football, the most popular game in the world and mostly played, volley ball or basket ball. Under developed and illiterate nations mostly play cricket. In Pakistan this game. its players, coaches, heads, chairmen all are recruited politically. No talent is worth the criteria for selection of the players specially. Therefore, Pakistani crickets bring shame for the country. There is leg pulling and jealousy among the players. They waste valuable money of the poor and loan-gripped nation. They waste time of the youth, who spend hours and hours in watching matches. The recent allegation that came camre to light is the statement of former captain Aamir Sohail who 'declared' Inzimam ul Haq a traitor. It is the most serious allegation that he has to prove. When this is the atmosphere of accusations and allegations how a game can be improved. It is suggested that foot ball, hockey and other games may be promoted in Pakistan and cricket may be banned totally to save money. However, it is essential to make the sports free of politics, other wise Pakistan, who has been Olympian in Hockey dashed to ground. Football is a popular game of the world, its teams should be promoted. All these games take 70 to 90 minutes and have thrill. The most fast game has its own thrill that hockey and football have.

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