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Monday, May 23, 2016

Some Most Stylish Female Politicians Of Pakistan

Pakistani women have depicted resilience in every walk of life and shown talent every where. They hold important positions in public offices and play an active role in administrating the country. Not only they are adept in their work but also have flair in their style. Here are some of them:- **-- Maryam Nawaz:- She has always been proactive in politics. She is also known for her style as she is famous for her role in politics. She is always seen dupatta cladded yet this can not seize her style away. Her looks and aura. The way she carries herself gives her style which is quit unique. **-- Hina Pervaiz Butt:-
She is one the most dynamic persons in Pakistan, being fashion designer, entrepreneur and a politician. But in all that she does not forget to maintain her style. **-- Ayla Malik:-
She is the clear depiction of brain and the beauty. Belonging to a political family she has done active work in politics. She is evergreen shining politician of Pakistan. **--Sharmila Farooqi:-
She is well known politician of Pakistan because she has remained at very prominent positions in government in her political career. Not only for that but she is also famous for her looks and persona. **-Kashmala Tariq:-
She is elegant and graceful lady. She is famous for her bold political remarks. Furthermore, the lady is not easy to convince and she is the part of some controversies but she never lost her cool on these controversies.
Most of our audience know about Hina Rabbani Khar, former foreign minister of Pakistan, belonging to famous political Khar family. She has also been allegedly involved in scandal with Bilawal Zardari. The most stylish female politician of Pakistan and well known for her style through out the world.

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