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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Salman Khan Will Marry Lulita This Year

Salman Khan, the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood is all set to marry his long time girl friend Lulita Venture at end of 2016. The 'Bajrangi Bhaijan' actor is rumored to be dating Romanian TV presenter Venture. Venture was spotted with the superstar on several occasions and the two were even caugt holidaying in Dubai together. A report suggest the couple may tie knot by the end of this year, but what is more shocking is the reason why they may tie the knot. The report in a blind item reads," So the not young and single superstar may well be married by the end of the year. The forever bachelor has decided that nuff's nuff. We hear his current girlfriend, a foreighner, may soon end up being the most powerful woman in the film biz. Not an enviable spot, we assure you, for that it is not her love that will make him pop ring, it is his ailing mum who wants to see her baby boy well taken care of. Oh! the more things change.

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