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Monday, May 9, 2016

Sadiq Khan- The First Muslim Mayor Of LEngland'sondon City And The Expected First Muslim PM Of Britain

The Labour Party's candidate Pakistan-born British Sadiq Khan has been elected the first Mayor of England's capital London city after getting 56.8 percent votes and beating Conservative Part's Zac Goldsmith (43.2 percent), the brother of Jamaima, ex-wife of PTI chairman Imran Khan. In the first phase Sadiq Khan got 44 percent while Goldsmith received 34 percent votes. In the second phase Sadiq Khan had more than required votes (51 percent) and defeated Zac. Sadiq Khan is a bus driver while Goldsmith is a billionaire businessman. He also got votes of Greens and Labor Democrats but also from Conservative party. He is the first ever elected Muslim mayor of any captal city of European Union. ( This is called actual democracy, an example for Pakistani politicians). Sadiq Khan is considered very capable political figure and several success stories in the past are linked to him. While his chances of being the future premier of Britain are very shining. As it is said that the Mayor of London usually is usually elected the PM of Britain. In 2010, David Milliband was considered favorite for Labor Party's leadership, he appointed Sadiq Khan as his compaign manager and succeeded. Last year's election Labor party was beaten throughout England but in London its performance was excellent in London due to the compaign management of Sadiq Khan. Now every one believed that Nesa Juvial will be the Labor party's candidate for capital city's Mayorship, but Sadiq Khan again proved his eligibility and was made candidate for London's mayorship by the Labor party. Leaders of all the major Pakistani political parties have congratulated Sadiq Khan who has assumed the charge as Mayor of London and started working. Jamaima Goldsmith has also congratulated Sadiq Khan.

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