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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mass Rape Video Posted On Social Media

Brazillian police are hunting more than 30 men suspected of raping a teen age girl in Rio De Janeiro and putting the video of the attack on social media. The girl,16, was doped after going to her boyfriend's house and says she woke up in a different house surrounded by men. The rape has provoked an online compaign against what compaigners call a culture of rape in Brazil. In a statement she gave to police said she woke up on Sunday, naked and wounded and made her way home. Only days later she found that some rapists had posted images of the attack on Twitter. A 40-second video was widely shared and followed by a wave of misogynistic comments, before the users' account was suspended. She later said all of us can go through this one day. It does not only hurt the uterus but the soul too, there are cruel people not being punished.

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