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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Lands That Are Not Recognized As Countries

Our globe is like family like for us. The people living on it are companions of each other regarding humanity. While different countries are the means of introduction with these families to each other. Therefore, despite cultural, racial and religious differences the people living on the globe need each other in different forms. On these basis the people travel to each others countries. It may be tourism, business trips or travel for seeking education, every person is linked to each other in one or other way. So, to cross the geographical borders of each other by people, every country has formulated laws and after fulfilling the requirements person of one country can enter other one. Despite all this, there are some areas or states in the world that have the complete status of a country but still are deprived of becoming the members of general assembly of United Nations. Their flags could not find place among the flags of 193 countries outside the building of the United Nations in New York. As such they are not countries inspite of having much attraction for tourists. These are:- **-- Greenland:- Consisting of grand layer of ice the Greenland is the biggest non-free state of the world. It is under the rule of Denmark's royal family. Greenland is not only the largest non-free state but it is the biggest Island of th world regarding its geographical location and area. The queen of Denmark during her visit to Greenland during 2009 announced to give it partial independence. After which Greenland Parliament acquired all other affairs except foreign affairs, defense and financial sectors. However, despite being independent state Greenland is the part of Denmark. Located between Atlantic Ocean and North Arctic Ocean Greenland is composed of 21,66086 square km total area. Out of this area 17,55637 square km i.e. 81 percent area is covered with ice. Running under kingdom constitutionally this democratically managed system of government provides its citizens all the constitutional freedom. The total population of Greenland is only 55,000. The most nearest neighbors of Greenland are Canada and Iceland. Despite, not tbeing recognized by the other countries of the world, Greenland has importance due to its hidden mineral resources and and its location on one side, on other due o it beautiful scenes of mountain covered with ice has special attraction for tourists. **-- Somaliland:-
Adjescent to the northern coast of Gulf Of Addan this African land despite having all the qualities of an independent states is still deprived of its status as an independent country. Consisting of Muslim population Somaliland had announced its independence from the military dictator Siabury of Somalia in 1991. However, it failed to get recognized as an independent country by the world yet. It is wot mentioning here that un-recognized democratic land of Somaliland has its own parliament, currency and system of registration of vehicles. While government issues biometeric passports to its citizens. Population of Somaliland is four million while its area is 137600 square km. Its economy mostly depends upon trading of goats, sheep and camels. Situated on the border of Somalia, its borders are adjescent to Ethopia and Jaboti. Unfortunately, due to civil war and lawlessness in Somalia this state seems cut off from rest of the world. **-- Barotseland:-
In African continent surrounded by five countries this piece of land also claim to be independent and free state. Basically this is the land which is situated in the downstream of 'River Zambury' and when the river is in floods the people go up the mountains and when water subsides they come down. Therefore, it is called 'Moving State'. Barotseland got independence in 1964 from Britain under an agreement. However, the then world powers instead of giving it freedom handed over it to neighboring country Zambia. But the people rejected this act and separated themselves from Zambia in 2012. And the royal family announced to be independent. However, no country of the world recognized Barotseland yet. Its population is five million while has an area of 368000 square km. The vast Leva park is an important touring spot, where running and movements of animals can be enjoyed in natural environment. But due to lack of suitable care tourist number is limited to the park. **-- Tibet:-
The highest mountain Peak Mount Everest is situated in Tibet. The 4900 meter high place is also called the 'roof of the world'. This land is controversial between China and people of Tibet. Having an independent status from 1912 to 1951, this state is now under the custody of China. However, the people of Tibet claim that under their religious leader 14th Dalai Lama Tanzan Gaya Taso they are still an independent state. However, their this claim has not been heard anywhere in the world. It is pertinent to mention here that under Gaya Taso a federal government is working whose central office is in the northern Indian town of Dharam Shala. Surrounded by high mountains all around the important city of this state is Lehasa. Where sacred temple "Joke Hung" of Budhists is located that has crowds of the folowers through out the year. Moreover, there are other small states who claim to be free states but world does not recognize their claim. These include Transistria in Eastern Europe, Miskito, in central America near Nicaragua, Isle of Man, Lakotah, West Papua, in Indonesia and Murrawarri in Australia.

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