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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jang Group Wants Confrontaion With Pak Army And Out Of The Way Support To Incumbent Government-- Shaheen Sehbai

The former Group Editor of The News after resignation has alleged Mir Shakeel Ur Rahman of Jang Group wanted confrontation with the army and government too alongwith Jang Group is eager to control military. On the occasion of attack on Hamid Mir, Mir Shakeel Ur Rahman said let the civilians and military fight with each other. Jang Group used to get advertisements for favoring government. This group also claim to make prime ministers. Mir Shakeel wishes to have friendly relations with India so that he can expand his network there. Despite of unlikeliness by army "Amn Ki Asha" was publicized, though it was taken as 'RAW' by army and claimed that army was taken into confidence which was a lie. Jang Group has its own angle in every news item. Sehbai said the news about ICIJ was filed with out my consultation and viewing. My news were changed with out my consent. He added that the latest conflict with Jang group was with reference to the news about ICIJ that said the name of Nawaz Sharif was published mistakenly. He said neither he was informed about the news nor was shown to him. There was explanation only of one sentence and the remaining letter was written by Danial Aziz which was published as news. He said I was ashamed of the way the Jang group was favoring government. He said after the eve of Hamid Mir attack and due to negative propaganda against Pak Army the ads were totally banned for Jang group and the group was going to crash but government supported it to save it. He said there was no balance and credibility in news. Group was clearly inclined to government and supported its right and wrong policies, in these circumstance he said he could not continue working with Mir and he presented his resignation with clear conscious but depressed mind. For which I have no regret.

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