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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Imran Khan Accepts Having His Offshore Company

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has finally accepted ownership of an off shore company in a media talk in London. Imran Khan said the company was founded in 1983 on my accountant's advice. "My London flat was purchased under the ownership of this company. The money I got from playing cricket was used here." According to the land registry record of UK government, the said property- flat 2, 165 Draycott Avenue, London (South Kensington) was registered in the name of Niazi of " Niazi Services Limited" of Jersey, Channel Island on May 3, 1984. The flat was sold on March 17, 2003 for GBP 715,000. The PTI chairman told in his different interviews that he has sold London flat but never disclosed that it was owned by an off shore company. The nomination papers filed by Imran Khan with Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) from NA-71 Mianwali to contest 2002 general election had the same address of his London flat. The 'Niazi Services Limited' was registered in jurisdiction of Jersey, Channel Island on May 10, 1983 with the company code 26211 on the address Langtry house, La Motte Street St Heller, Jersey. Khawaja Asif got the chance to blast on Imran Khan, though Khan purchased the flat with money earned through playing cricket andha no concern with off shore company now nor he is investing through it as the sons of PM are doing. There is a lot of difference between off companies of Hassan Nawaz and that of Imran's dead company.

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