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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Good! Fazal Rahman Sahib! You Are Justifying Your "Employment" By The Present Govet Nicely

Maulana Fazal Rahman whether being the part of Zardari's or Sharif's governments can do his job very well. As he chooses a ministry or chairmanship of a committee most likely chairmanship of Kashmir Affairs that have no task but has perks privileges, status. protocol and security standard like federal ministers. If it happens like a miracle and Imran Khan becomes the prime minister, he would find his job with him too and will support Imran Khan's policies with heart and soul.. At present, Imran Khan has snatched his kingdom of KPK, how would Maulana like Khan. Though, this is not Khan but KPK people have rejected Maulana, who considered KPK as his property. The blogger belongs to Dera Ismail Khan and have seen grand protocol on the roads of D I Khan, while Maulana with his large belly is sitting in bullet proof vehicle like a king. When Maulana shakes hands with poor people of Dera Ismail Khan, he has 'Tasbeeh' in one hand and extends two fingers not full hand to the people. How much proudness he has? He forgot his late father Great Mufti Mehmood who used to meet the national leaders in a Mosque Hujra ( built with mud) in Abdulkhel (Paniala) and did not feel shame, while, Fazal Rahman, Ataur Rahman andLutfur Rahman have three separate centrally air conditioned bungalows on D I Khan Peshawar road near Shorkot village. Mufti Mehmood (Late) was really a pious person and a Waliullah. Fazal Rahman Sahib has made it mandatory in favor of Nawaz government to condemn any proposal or plan presented to Government, especially by Imran Khan. As earlier, he declared Panama Papers as an International conspiracy, because it carried the names of Nawaz Sharif and his family. Even if earthquake hits, Pakistan or any accident occurs on Pakistani roads, Maulana terms it western conspiarcy, whose vehicle, satellite phones andmedicnes Maulana uses all the time. While not Maulana Boyctt western manufactured luxuries? Why does Maulana use mobile why not Haripur made telephone set.? Recently he criticised the ToRs presented by the opposition terming it ambiguous. He angrily asked PTI to resign instead of demanding resignation from PM, because his pain in belly for the KPK rule awoke again. However, Maulana id fulfilling his duty efficiently.

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