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Friday, August 31, 2012

Virginity Cream Created Controversy In Indian Society

A company in India has introduced a C"ream 18 Again" and claims that with its use women will feel themselves as virgin again. The company says that this crtean is to make women independent, but the people who object to it termed say it is against the women.
The company has prepared a video in which a couple is dancing after using the cream and then mother in law also tries to get the cream. This cream was lauched during the current month in India and the ads hints toward tightening of Vagina with the use of cream, hence it has been named as 18 Again. A company in Bombay Electra tech has introduced it with the claim that it is first of its kind in India while this type of creams are available in the USA.
This cream costs Rs 2000 in India and the owner of the company Rashi Bhatia says that it has been prepared with natural constituents like Elovera, almond and pomegranates. The company's Ad compaign has been criticized by doctors, women groups and social media users.
Aini Raja of National Federation of Indian Women said that this sort of cream is an extremly foolishness that creats inferiority complex in women. A columnist writing about sex matters Dr Mahinda Watsa says why women should remasin virgin till marriage and she says it is the right of the women to have sexual contacts with any man she likes. But society says she must avoid sexual relation before marriage.
Dr Watsa says that men asks how could they know whether their wife is virgin or not? Men think that they must merry virgin girls but Dr says that majority of the girls in towns and cities experience sex before marriage.
The owner of the company says that several products are available for males in the market for prolonged sexual enjoyment, why should females remain with out it and this cream is for the promotion of sexual urge of the women.

In The Age Of 30 Years I am Still Fresh---Paryanka Chopra

Pretty Bollywood actress Paryanka Chopra said that being of 30 years age she was so fresh and healthy that she did not need to have facial plastic surgery. Talking with a reporter of a newspaper in Bombai about her life the Don girl said that today she has gained a higher place in the film industry that was due to her personal un tired hardwork and interest in the profession. When she entered in the film industry for the first time, some people objected on my features and about my structure. But I did not care for anything and for the last 10 years I spent my time to discharge best performance.
She said the freshness of her face and body was because of taking fresh fruits, more water and boiled vegetables. That is the reason that" I do not need plastic surgery as several actresses of Bollywood have done."

Trend Of Racism Is Escalating In The West

Nazism that has been the claimant of superiority of German race is the abbreviation for National Socialism. Common man may be unaware of the fact that this ideology was promoted against socialism, communism or Marxism. Under this ideology Arya race was the super most of all the races on earth and it has the right to rule the world. Nazism does not give right to the weakest and non-aryans to exist. Women are considered the machines to give birth to children and keeps them limited to the kitchen.
The racial discrimination is nearly found in each and every country and nation. White nations consider themselves superior to colored nations. Then with in themselves this complex is observed like Britishers consider themselves superior to other white nations. Similarly, French do, and Russian and Greek gives specific status to their race. The racism is also common in Asian countries.Though Islam forbids special treatment on the basis of color creed or race but still in Pak India subcontinent this attitude is common.
In Germany from September 2000 to April 2007, 8 turks, one Greek and one non German woman have been killed. Police could not even trace the culprits up till now. In November 2011 during a bank dacoity police identified 3 persons who believed in Neo-Nazism. More awesome thing was seen that when police informed the public that Neo -Nazism Organization is involved in the murder of Turks , Greek and the police office, the next day on November 12, 2011, the Office of the Protection Of Constitution burnt the files about the case that had information about Far-Right Informants.
The virus of Nazism is not only spreading in Germany but it is showing its impacts in Europe and America. The examples of racism was observed in 2012 Olympics when Switzerland team was defeated by South Korea in Football match, the player Michal of Switzerrland wrote insulting messages about Korean race on Twitter, he was expelled from the games. Similarly, Greek women player passes negative remarks about African players. It was known afterwards that she belonged to Neo-Nazism group. She fled quiting the Olympics.
In the USA Ved M Page killed 6 persons in Sikh's temple. He also belong to Neo Nazism group. They shave heads and are called "skin head".According to an estimate they are 50000 in number in the USA.They tatoo Swastika symbol on their bodies.

Rihanna Has Atrocious Taste In Men

Rihanna has atrocious taste in men.
But perhaps the singer is starting to see the error in her past ways, as sources tell OK! Weekly she's actually been making contact with Robert Pattinson ever since his ugly split with Kristen Stewart.
"They've met several times at award bashes over the years," an insider tells the tabloid. "RiRi thinks he's very cute, but nothing ever came of it because he was attached to Kristen - and it's not her style to steal someone else's man."
Now Pattinson is single, of course. Does that mean Rihanna will make a move?
"She got Rob's phone number from a mutual friend and has been sending him sexy, funny texts to cheer him up," claims this mole. "At first, Rob thought someone Punk'd him. Eventually Rihanna convinced him she was for real, but Rob has been resisting her."

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Muslim Women Olympians Who Will Be Remembered In The Olympic History

Tahmina Kohistani (23 years) from Afghanistan participated in 100 meter race, she took 14.42 seconds for the distance and ranked at 9 th position. Tahima belonging to the war hit Afghanistan for the last 3 decades, gained extra-ordinary fame in the Olympics. When she completed the race applauses welcomed her from every corner though she had not won the race. Every TV channel was ready to interview her because she was the only player from Afghanistan.
Sara Attar (19 years) from Saudi Arabia had the honor of being first woman athlete in the Olympic history from Saudi Arabia. She participated in race competition though she could not win any medal but she wrote a new chapter in the history for Saudi Arabia. When she came on the track for the Olympics race competition the spectators stood up and warmly welcomed her. Interesting thing is that Sara is not living in Saudi Arabia. She is the daughter of Saudi father and American mother who lives in California, USA.
Other Muslim Women Players who participated in the Olympics 2012 were:-
Mareeh Mohsin (19 years) from Brunei who was the first OLympian from her country took part in 400 meter race, Zam zam Muhammad Farah (21 years) from Somalia participated in 400 meter race, Fatima Suleman Rahman (20 yeasrs) from Yemen (race ), Warud Saleha (20 years) from Palestine (race), Amna Bakht (21 years) from Sudan and Shayoona Salah al Hussaini (19 years) from Omam ranked fourth each in 800 and 100 meter race, respectively. In arrow competition Nida Kamil (21 years), Raid Mashhadi (18 years) from Iraq, and Zahra Dahqan (24 years) from Iraq participated. In the Table tennis competition included Nida Shahwari (26 years) from Iran, Aya Muhammad (18 years) from Qatar and Rafd Majdi ( 29 years) from Egypt.
Wajdan Ali Siraj Abdur Rahim Shahkhani (16 years) from Saudi Arabia participated in 78 kilo Judo competition.
The host country Britain had tried to make the Olympic Event Muslim friendly. In the residential venue a room was reserved for prayer. Aftar and Sahri (Breaking fast and taking meals for fasting in very early morning ) arrangement were nicely done. Holding Muslim friendly Olympics president Obama and other western countries showed gladness. American authorities are hinting to accept Hijab in the Olympics in future. It is a great success for the Muslims.

Names For Care-Taker Prime Minister Are Under Consideration By The Opposition

Opposition leadership in Pakistan is considering the names of Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Mahmood Khan Achakzai, Asma Jahangir and Justice (Rtd)Nasir Aslam Zahid for care taker prime minister. Reliable sources in Islamabad said that opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali had announced to short list 9 names for care taker PM. He will will consult his leadership today. After consultation with the party leadership and other parties, two names finally will be approved with consensus and under the constitution he will send two names for the premiership to take over as care taker till new government is formed after election. Sorry Maulana Fazl ur Rahman your dream at least for care taker Prime Minister could not be fulfilled, we will pray for you. I am really sorry because I am your voter..

Muslim Courageous Women Players Who Participated In London Olympics 2012

Nineteen year old Noor Han from Egypt participated in 10 meter air rifle competition (women), but could not find place among first eight rankers but was ranked on 41st position. Twenty four year shooter Maryam Azooqi from Kuwait took part in 10 and 50 meter competition. She was the second Olympian from her country. Her mother Awatif is her guide. She won two gold medals in recently held Arab Games. Kuwaiti government is encouraging Maryam and paying her Riyal 400 monthly Rs 133000 (Pakistani).
Thirty year Noor Saryani Muhammad Taibi from Malaysia participated in 10 meter air rifle competition, however, she could not could not forward ahead after first round. Many people called her foolish as she took part in Olympics being 8 month pregnant. However, her husband said that chances like this come less in life and we both decided to avail the chance. Noor said she knew what to do for the health and safety of the baby and I have been reciting Holy Quran Majeed every moment. Noor Saryani won gold medal in Commonwealth Games 2010 and Bronze medal in Asian games same year in shooting.
Participating in sword competition, all the veiled Muslim players belonged to Egypt. Among them included Eman Jabir (23 years), Mamona Husnain (26 years), Eman ul Jamal (31 years), and her sister Sheema Ul Jamal (32 years). Shama al Jamal has pariticipated in 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympics.

SEAL Book About Osama's Death Contadicts Previous Accounts By Administration

A firsthand account of navy SEAL raid that killed Osama Bin Laden contradicts previous accounts by administration officials, raising questions as to whether the terror mastermind presented a clear threat when SEALs first fired upon him.
Bin Laden apparently was shot in the head when he looked out of his bedroom door into the top-floor hallway of his compound as SEALs rushed up a narrow stairwell in his direction, according to former Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette, writing under the pseudonym Mark Owen in "No Easy Day." The book is to be published next week by Penguin Group (USA)'s Dutton imprint.
Bissonnette says he was directly behind a point man going up the stairs in the pitch black hallway. Near the top, he said, he heard two shots, but the book doesn't make it clear who fired them. He wrote that the point man had seen a man peeking out of a door on the right side of the hallway.
The author writes that the man ducked back into his bedroom and the SEALs followed, only to find the man crumpled on the floor in a pool of blood with a hole visible on the right side of his head and two women wailing over his body.
Bissonnette says the point man pulled the two women out of the way and shoved them into a corner. He and the other SEALs trained their guns' laser sights on bin Laden's still-twitching body, shooting him several times until he lay motionless. Only when they wiped the blood off his face, were they certain it was bin Laden.
The SEALs later found two weapons stored by the doorway, untouched, the author said.
Administration officials briefing reporters in the days after the May 2011 raid in Pakistan said the SEALs shot bin Laden only after he ducked back into the bedroom because they assumed he might be reaching for a weapon.
National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor would not comment on the apparent contradiction late Tuesday. But he said in an email Wednesday, "As President Obama said on the night that justice was brought to Osama bin Laden, 'We give thanks for the men who carried out this operation, for they exemplify the professionalism, patriotism and unparalleled courage of those who serve our country.'"
"No Easy Day" was due out Sept. 11, but Dutton announced the book would be available a week early, Sept. 4, because of a surge of orders due to advance publicity that drove the book to the top of the and Barnes & best-seller lists.
The Associated Press purchased a copy of the book Tuesday.
The account is sure to renew questions about whether the raid was intended to capture or simply to kill bin Laden. Bissonnette writes that during a pre-raid briefing, an administration lawyer told them that they were not on an assassination mission. According to Bissonnette, the lawyer said that if bin Laden was "naked with his hands up," they should not engage him. If bin Laden did not pose a threat, they should detain him.
A former deputy judge advocate general for the Air Force said the shooting was understandable according to the orders the SEALS had.
"It wasn't unreasonable for the SEALs to shoot the individual who stuck his head out," said the former JAG, ret. Maj. Gen. Charlie Dunlap, who now teaches at Duke University law school.
"In a confined space like that where it is clear that there are hostiles, the SEALs need to take reasonable steps to ensure their safety and accomplish the mission," Dunlap said.
Dunlap adds that shooting bin Laden's fallen form was also reasonable in his legal opinion, to keep the terrorist from possibly blowing himself up or getting a weapon and shooting at the SEALs.
In another possibly uncomfortable revelation for U.S. officials who say bin Laden's body was treated with dignity before being given a full Muslim burial at sea, the author reveals that in the cramped helicopter flight out of the compound, one of the SEALs was sitting on bin Laden's chest as the body lay at the author's feet in the middle of the cabin, for the short flight to a refueling stop inside Pakistan where a third helicopter was waiting.
This is common practice, as U.S. troops sometimes must sit on their own war dead in packed helicopters. Space was cramped because one of the helicopters had crashed in the initial assault, leaving little space for the roughly two dozen commandos in the two aircraft that remained. When the commandos reached the third aircraft, bin Laden's body was moved to it.
Bissonnette writes that none of the SEALs were fans of President Barack Obama and knew that his administration would take credit for ordering the raid. One of the SEALs said after the mission that they had just gotten Obama re-elected by carrying out the raid.
But he says they respected him as commander in chief and for giving the operation the go-ahead.
Bissonnette writes less flatteringly of meeting Vice President Joe Biden along with Obama at the headquarters of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment after the raid. He says Biden told "lame jokes" no one understood, reminding him of "someone's drunken uncle at Christmas dinner."
Beyond such embarrassing observations, U.S. officials fear the book may include classified information, as it did not undergo the formal review required by the Pentagon for works published by former or current Defense Department employees.
Officials from the Pentagon and the CIA, which commanded the mission, are examining the manuscript for possible disclosure of classified information and could take legal action against the author.
In a statement provided to the AP, the author says he did "not disclose confidential or sensitive information that would compromise national security in any way."
Bissonnette's real name was first revealed by Fox News and confirmed to the AP.
Jihadists on al-Qaida websites have posted purported photos of the author, calling for his murder.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cells That Generate Malagnant Glands Have Been Discovered

Scientists have claimed a progress regarding cancer research that they say will play a pivotal role in the further development. Researchers reported that they have discovered cell in the cancerous glands that are responsible for the growth of the malignant cells of cancer. It has been confirmed in the 3 researches on mice that the reason of the growth of cancerous cells are the stem cells present within the glands.
After this result scientists claim that they have solved a controversial issue regarding cancer research that will change all the previous thinkings in the field. The study has been published in the "Nature And Science".
It is to be recalled that it has been a problem that doctors decrease the cancerous glands successfully but they again grow or are increased in volume. Researchers say that this is due to the fact some parts of the cells are not culminated with the treatment that make the glands grow again and these are the "cancer stem cells". They say that these are the cells that can be targeted to totally remove the cancerous cells for ever. The previous observation regarding the existence of stem cell have been weaker but three separate studies have proved that cancer stem cells exist. The stem cells play an important role in the growth of cancer glands of brain, intestine and skin. Scientists think that this might happen in all types of cancer that give rise to solid cancerous glands.
Head of the one of the above mentioned studies and professor of the University of Brussels Sedrak Blan Paen said that the results of the study shows that now the thinking and procedure of the treatment of cancer can be changed. Talking to BBC he said that if these cells are responsible for the growth of cancerous glands then these cells can be targeted directly and their growth can be checked.

Pakistani Qadyanis Are Being Recruited In Israeli Army And Police

The number of Pakistani Qadyanis performing volunteer services in Israeli army has reached more than one thousand. Qadyanis working in Israeli police are, in addition to this number. Qadyani sources in Chanab Nagar told the reporter of a newspaper that Qadyanis were provided all the facilities in Israel. Qadyani sect has good relations with Israeli government. Many office bearers of Qadyani sect have been imparted military training in Israel. In the past Qadyanis travelled to Israel through Turkey,though Turkey route is not cloised for them but precautionary they send American nationality holders Qadyanis to Israel.
According to Qadyani sources, in the town of Kababir near Haifa, Qadyanis have a big center where they have offices, worship places and a guest house. Astonishingly, Qadyanis have equal rights as Jews have in Israel than Muslims and Christians. They have a satellite TV channel that telecasts talks against "Jihad" (sacred war), in Arabic language, posing to be a Muslim TV channel. In March 2009, Shamoon Pares had visited Qadyani center in Kabir and has broken his fast according to his faith in the center, the video of which is available on net. The prominent among Qadyanis are J. D. Shams, Allah Ditta Jalandhari, Rasheed Chughtai, Noor Ahmad and Shareef Chaudhary.
According to Daily "Ummat" the head of MQM Altaf Hussain had visited the Qadyani Center in London last year twice. There are some news of having agreements between the Qadyanis and MQM to give security to each other( may be rumors). Qadyani sect is active in Pakistan for the recognition of Israel. Contacts are being established through a net blog between English and Urdu media of Pakistan and Israeli media, so that conducive environment is created for Israel's recognition. When A Qadyani representative was asked in Chanab Nagar by the reporter of the newspaper about the procedure of recruitment of Qadyanis in Israeli army the Qadyani replied that the decisions of the recruitment are taken at high level and a common Qadyani did not know. The People could only know when a family shifted to Israel through London.
Profile’, by a well known Jewish Professor I.T Naomi. He stated:" and the Ahmadi sect of some 600 people from Pakistan can also serve in the (Israeli) army…" To many analysts Qadiaynis are a political issue and have always been a security problem? In India Qadiyanis have collected and donated thousands to the Indian Army fund after Kargil.
On 15th February 1987, Pakistani Foreign Minister, Sahibzada Yakub Khan declared in the National Assembly that there were 328 Qadiyani officers of different ranks in the Pakistan Armed Forces. According to his report 1, Lt. General, 5 Brigadiers in the army and 1 similar rank in the Air Force = 6, Colonial 10 Army, 2 Navy, 3 Air Force= 15, Lt. Colonials 56 Army, 6 Navy, 11 Air Force = 73, Major 135 Army, 5 Navy, 16 Air Force = 156, Captain 58 Army, 5 Navy, 14 Air Force = 77, Total 328.

Veiled And Fasting Muslim Women Olympic Players

Ruqia Fasarla from Bahrain was the first veiled Muslim Woman Olympian who participated in 2004 Olympics. She won gold medal in Beijing Olympics 2008 in 200 meter race. During London Olympics 2012, the number of Muslim women reached to 38, while, veiled Muslim women were only 11 in the Beijing Olympics 2008. All these were in complete veil/hijab. In the past age Muslim women players could not think of participating in the Olympic games as Olympic Committee did not allow veiled Muslim Women in the Olympic events. However, this time Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia convinced Olympic Committee to allow Veiled Muslim Women players to take part in the games. Saudi Arabia allowed its women players with the condition to wear full veil during the games and sent two athletes for the Olympic games.
The important thing was that all the Muslim women players were fasting and most of them were participating in the Olympic games for the first time. Twelve women players were from Egypt. Majority of the Veiled players took part in the sword and shooting competition as well in racing,
In shooting competition 30 year Ellah Ahmadi from Iran won sixth position scoring 499.1 points. Twenty year Mah Laqa Jam Bazurg from Iran participated in 10 meter and 60 meter air rifle competition (women) and in 10 meter shooting was defeated by Britain player Jennifer by one point. Eighteen year Noor Aamir Ul Aamari belong to history city of Karbala in Iraq participated in 10 meter air pistol shooting but could present better performance. Nineteen year Bhait ul Hamad from Qatar when came to the ground holding the flag of her country became the first veiled woman Olympian of Qatar. She ranked on 17th position among 56 contestants in 1o meter air air rifle competition. She was declared as the best women athlete for 2011-12 of Qatar. Twenty seven year Azatul Qasmi from Bahrain though could not reach to final of 50 meter rifle shooting but she set a new Arab record, her score was 576 that no Arab woman could get before this. This washer first participation in the Olympics and she ws happy on her higher score.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Girl From Lahore Won Miss Pakistan's Title In New York

Zainab Naveed was crowned as Miss Pakistan World and Shan Virk as Mr Pakistan World at a pageant at the Red Rose Convention Centre here at the weekend.
Naveed, the 25-year-old beauty from New York, representing Lahore, beat 10 contestants to win the crown.
Sabiha Zahid from London (Britain) was the second runner-up, Zulaikha Khan from Surrey (Canada) the third runner-up and Mariam Zahid from Vancouver the fourth runner-up.
Mariam Dawood of Raeford, North Carolina, was declared as Miss Congeniality, Parmal Naseer of Hamilton (Canada) as Miss Popularity, Mariam Khan Ali of Copenhagen as Miss Perfect, Maria Mughal of Auckland as Miss Talent and Sabiha Zahid of London as Miss Photogenic.
Shan Virk of Oakville near Toronto won the title of Mr Pakistan by beating six other contestants. He was also declared Mr Perfect in a previous round.
In the first round the contestants were asked questions about marriages between two religions and their responses about it. Their opinion about Pakistan's respect in the world and questions about the relations between Pakistan and India were also asked from the competitors. President of Miss World Pakistan Sonia Ahmad thanked the participants.

Caffeine May Be Beneficial For Parkinson's Patients

It is reported in a new study that if Parkinson's patients are given caffeine tablets or coffee, then defect regarding their body movements improves to a great extent. The experts of the study that was conducted in Canada say that to confirm the results however, further study was needed. A question arises whether the patient becomes habitual to caffeine if so will it affect negatively? The experts of the study say that they could not say it will make a big difference regarding the disease, however, they say that coffee commonly is not a dangerous thing so it can be tested on Pakinson's patients and there was no harm in it. According to National Parkinson's Foundation Of American, the disease rate is increasing and 50-60 thousand new cases are coming forward each year only in the USA.
The scientists distributed 61 patients having age nearly 60 years into two groups regarding the study. One group was given caffeine tablets for 6 weeks while other group was given drug free tablets resembling caffeine tablets (placebo). When the results were compiled after 6 weeks it was observed that patients taking caffeine tablets had no visible improvement regarding sleep and movement of the body parts though, but overall improvement in the symptoms of the disease were observed as hardiness in the muscles and difficulty in movement. Thus, they had 5 % improvement regarding the disease.
According to the experts though it is not a big difference but this ordinary betterness can have pleasant impacts on the life od some people. However, thoses patients who were not given tablets had no improvement at all. It is noteworthy that people who have been taking coffeee through out their lives have least risk of Parkinson's disease. However, experts say that it did not mean that tea, coffee or soda had direct impact regarding the disease symptoms, but it shows that if the patient is given caffeine it would have no harm. Further study will be conducted in this regard.

Not Every One Is Fan Of Kanye West And Kim As A Couple

Not everyone is a fan of Kanye West and Kim as a couple — and that includes 50 Cent! Read on to hear what the rapper had to say about Kim! Plus, a source tells how Kanye feels about 50′s diss!
50 Cent dissed Kanye West hardcore during an interview with XXL Magazine, claiming Kim Kardashian is “trash.”
When asked about Kanye’s new song “Perfect B–ch,” written about Kim, 50 Cent says, “I mean … if that man feel like she’s perfect, then she’s perfect. He could mean it and you’ll end up singing the words to it because he’s Kanye. You know how it is? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”
Ouch! We have a feeling Kanye may be rapping about 50 Cent in the very near future!
A source close to Kanye tells exclusively, ”Kanye just laughed at that bucked tooth [boy's] comments. Who the f–k is he? Kanye’s always thought the [boy] was a joke. Him saying Kim is trash just goes to show you how [boys] in the game are jealous and hate on you for no reason. We ain’t did s–t to him. Kanye didn’t say s–t when he was f–king on that ugly comic b–ch (Chelsea Handler). Fact it, K don’t care about his a–. Truth is, if Kim were to even give that ugly a– [boy] the time of day he’d hop on it real tough. I bet you. Looks like he could use some p—y anyway.”

The Things Men Really Can Not Resist About Women

Sure, some typical moves — a hair flip here, an eye batted there — will attract a man... some of the time. But you may be surprised at the things guys really can’t resist about women, and some of them are the very qualities women fear will drive men away — from letting a curse word fly loose to leaving all kinds of makeup near his bathroom sink. Here’s why these habits (and others) can actually win a man over.
1. He loves that you indulge at dinnertime.
Guys love women who like to eat — not ladies who say they aren’t hungry and then pick at their date’s food all night. Paul, 30, who lives in Boston, thinks that food may be the reason he fell in love with his fiancĂ©e: “When we first started dating, I thought it might be awkward if I wanted greasy food like wings — I figured she’d think it was fattening or unhealthy. Women I’d dated in the past only wanted to go out for salad or sushi. But she was enthusiastic about eating all kinds of things with me. I loved that easygoing attitude of hers.” Aside from showing that you’re not high maintenance or neurotic about your weight, that kind of unabashed enthusiasm also tends to translate into other areas — including the bedroom. “A woman with a healthy appetite for food tends to have a healthy appetite on all levels, and being affectionate is absolutely a part of that,” explains Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., author of Emotional Fitness for Couples: 10 2.Minutes a Day to a Better Relationship.
You may worry that it’s not ladylike, but occasionally letting a curse or rant escape your lips at an unexpected moment can be a major turn-on. “Hearing a woman use profanity out of context gives a guy a shock of adrenaline,” explains Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of Be Honest — You’re Not That Into Him Either and DSI: Date Scene Investigation. “Men like women who can be tough and assertive, and as long as she doesn’t take the talk too far, it’s a positive thing.”
3. He loves that you aren’t a neat freak.
Believe it or not, guys find the proliferation of hair products, accessories and unidentified stuff strewn about your apartment oddly endearing. “I love that my wife makes a bigger mess than I do,” says Ziad, 31, of Durham, NC. “When she cooks, food ends up all over the place. It shows that she’s carefree, and it reminds me to enjoy the moment rather than worrying about the consequences.” This laid-back mind-set also carries over into your weekend wardrobe. “Guys love a woman who’s not trying too hard,” explains Dr. Kerner. “Most men think a pair of boxer shorts and a ratty old T-shirt around the house is your most attractive look.” So don’t spend hours choosing the perfect date-night outfit or getting your place in House Beautiful-worthy shape, because men love you just as you are — in your comfortable, slightly sloppy glory.
4. He loves your extra padding.
Sure, you’ve heard that men love women with curves, but how about those extra pounds you’ve been trying to sweat off at the gym? There’s a good chance that your guy loves them, too. Just ask 26-year-old Nick: “My girlfriend exercises regularly, but I think the little pudginess in her thighs is sexy because it shows she’s not perfect.” Sure, your extra padding may make men feel a little better about their own couch potato bellies, but there’s also a biological reason why men like this. Psychologists at the University of Texas determined that men were most attracted to women with hourglass figures — regardless of their weight. They theorize that men unconsciously seek this body type because it signals that a woman is able to procreate.
5. He’s fascinated by your knowledge of the things you’re passionate about.
A man becomes fascinated by whatever it is that gets you all hot and bothered — regardless of whether or not he shares the same interests. “It’s not about knowing facts — it’s about being passionate about something,” says Mira Kirshenbaum, author of The Weekend Marriage. “These are things that are important to her, not just stuff meant to impress a guy.” This can be passion for a subject as seemingly obscure as agricultural practices of the Mayans or as popular as Spanish as a second language. He may not quite get it and he may not want to have all-night discussions about it, but he definitely appreciates the fact that you’re a smart, interesting woman who thinks for herself and doesn’t mold her interests to match those of her partner. Your interests also fuel what Dr. Kerner calls the process of self-expansion. “The more you expand as a person,” he explains, “the more the relationship expands.”
6. He loves a good head rub from you.
Don’t get me wrong — men love it when you grope their erogenous zones. But that’s not the only type of touch they crave. Adam, 28, of Roanoke, VA, confesses: “I love how my wife rubs my head at night.” Sweet, yes, but it also feels oh-so-good: home to hundreds of nerve endings, the scalp is an often-neglected zone. And light touches anywhere can achieve a similar effect, since they cause his body to produce vasopressin, a feel-good relaxation hormone that also promotes bonding. Another positive side effect? Initiating any kind of physical contact sends your man the message that you want him just as much as he wants you — and that you truly care about him.
(Courtesy Matt Schneidman)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bob And Kristen's Private Life Is About To Become Public

Rob & Kristen's private life is about to become public, including details on their first kiss!
Ever wonder how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart actually fell in love? Who made the first move? Did their first kiss take place on set? In character? So, so many questions! Well, look no further Twi-hards because all the answers to those questions -- and more -- will be available at your fingertips this October. The Twilight Journey follows Rob and Kristen on their wild, five-year journey from the set of the first movie to the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2. Filled with funny, intimate and candid interviews, the book shows how Rob and Kristen went from relatively unknown actors to two of the biggest heavy hitters in Hollywood seemingly overnight. Plus, there's dozens of new photos, trivia questions along with book and movie guides. The Twilight Journey hits stores on Oct. 2. Are YOU going to snag a copy?

World Personalities Who Gave Up Foreign Nationalty For Their Own

According to statistics there is a large number of those people who quited foreign nationalities to maintain their original nationality or they did not like to live with second citizenship status. During 2006, mayor of London and former member parliament belonging to Conservative Party Boris Johnson gave up American nationality though he was born in the USA, and thus was American citizen by birth. Acting as a leader of opposition in the Canadian Parliament Staphane Dion has announced that if he was elected as prime minister in the next election, he will leave French citizenship that he got from mother side. One of the 4 founders of Famous social website facebook 30 year Eduardo Saverine has quited American citizenship in September 2011 to evade taxes.
Similarly, the former president of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus quited American citizenship in 1998 for premiership. In Taiwan a 68 year old woman politician Chi Cheng left American nationality in 2009 for working as advisor in the cabinet of former president Ma Ying- Jeou. Canadian 27th lady governor general and Commander- In- Chief of Armed Forces Michalla Jean gave up French citizenship in 2005, before assuming both the responsibilities. Moreover, one of the founders of Citizen's Rights Movement of the USA William Edward Burghardt in the age of 95 quited American nationality in 1963 as a protest.
In addition to these examples, 22 renowned politicians of different countries quited American nationality, among them include 4 from Jamaica, 3 from Taiwan, 2 each from Israel and Ukraine and one each from Dominican Republic, Estonia, India, Berlitz, Australia, Poland, Granada,Greece, Bahamas, and Bulgaria gave up American citizenship.

Self-Checks Women Must Do In The Morning For Healthy Life

The only time you zoom in on your anatomy is when you're tweezing your unibrow or popping a zit, then you could be missing out on some crucial information about your health.
One of the many wonderful things about your body is that it has built-in sickness sensors, and experts say you can spot early warning signs of even serious conditions simply by taking a few minutes to bond with the image in the mirror.
So go ahead, take a closer look. In the immortal words of Ice Cube: It's time to check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Guide to Your Yucky Bodily Functions
Your Nails
If you see dark lines on the nail beds
It could mean Texas-sized moles aren't the only red flags for skin cancer--the disease can also develop under your nails. Yellowish, brown, or black stripes are a sign of cell damage, possibly from melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, says Ariel Ostad, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City.
With early detection and treatment, though, about 95 percent of cases are curable, so have your dermatologist take a second look.
10 Best Foods for Perfect Skin
If you see bright white stripes
It could mean everyone gets white spots on their nails from time to time (usually it's a sign that you banged your finger in a drawer), but If you see long horizontal bands of discoloration on the nail's surface and you've been feeling fatigued lately, it could be bad news for your kidneys.
"These bands can be a signal that the kidneys aren't able to filter out protein from your urine," Ostad says. That means your body is losing protein faster than you can shovel in filet mignon--and that can lead to kidney failure. Visit your doctor ASAP for a urine test.
10 Supplements Every Woman Needs
Your Armpits
If you see a patch of rough, dark skin
It could mean Unless you've been going overboard with the self-tanner, you could have diabetes, says Michael Smith, M.D., WebMD's chief medical editor. Excess insulin in your bloodstream can cause skin cells to multiply abnormally fast, leading to a buildup of tissue and melanin.
This makes the skin look darker and feel thicker. "It most commonly occurs in the armpits, neck, or groin," Smith says. A simple blood test can determine whether you have the disease, which affects about 24 million Americans--nearly a quarter of whom are undiagnosed.
The Scary New Health Trend: Young, Slim, and Diabetic
Your Eyelids, Knees, And Elbows
If you see small, soft lumps that look white or waxy
It could mean the good news: It's not a zit. The bad news: These are small deposits of cholesterol, Smith says.
Unfortunately, "by the time they appear, your cholesterol levels are probably sky high; this is a serious risk factor for heart disease." Yet reducing your numbers by just 10 percent slashes that risk by as much as a third.
See your doctor for a cholesterol check, and ask her about lifestyle changes or prescription drugs that can get your levels down.
12 Ways to Reduce Your Disease Risk, Starting Now
Your Scalp
If you see thinning hair
It could mean could you fashion one of Britney's weaves out of the hair clogging your drain? Excessive hair loss is a common indicator of a thyroid disorder, which affects about 10 percent of American women.
When your thyroid (a gland in the middle of your neck) is out of whack, it can disrupt the balance of male and female sex hormones. The result: More strands in your brush and hair that feels coarse and brittle, says Sandra Fryhofer, M.D., a physician in private practice in Atlanta.
Your doc can measure the amount of thyroid-stimulating hormone in your blood--if you have too much or too little, you'll need medication to regulate it.
If you see your scalp shedding like a snake
It could mean If skin flakes have suddenly made your shoulders look like the Alps in February, it could be due to your to-do list. "An intense load of stress causes your body to produce excess amounts of the hormone cortisol," Ostad says. "In addition to wreaking havoc on your immune system (making you more vulnerable to colds) and your metabolism (making you pack on pounds), cortisol can also dry out your scalp."
A drugstore dandruff shampoo will deflake your locks, but unless you want a permanent case of shoulder snow, try to get more sleep, breathe more deeply, and loosen up your overpacked schedule.
Eat Your Way to Healthier Hair
Your Belly
If you see thick, dark hair (or stubble) in a diamond shape
It could mean is that forest sprouting on your abs thick enough to hide a family of hobbits? Dense, coarse hair that extends up toward your belly button (rather than growing downward from the top of the pubic bone) could be a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), says Pamela Berens, M.D., an ob-gyn at the University of Texas Medical School.
Caused by overproduction of androgens, the condition can lead to irregular or heavy periods, weight gain, acne, and thick, dark hair on the belly, face, chest, and back. As many as one in 10 women have PCOS, which can be a risk factor for serious problems like infertility and heart disease.
If you have symptoms, see your ob-gyn; she might prescribe birth control pills to get your hormones back in check.
Try This 15-Minute Belly-Blasting Workout
Your Tongue
If you see a white, yellow, or orange coating
It could mean if your licker looks as if someone painted it with bright-colored gunk, you could be spilling your gut in your sleep, Fryhofer says. Normally, a one-way valve at the bottom of the esophagus makes sure that whatever goes down doesn't come back up. Acid reflux occurs when this valve opens spontaneously and the contents of your stomach make a break for your throat, leaving your tongue coated in digestive acids and you with a serious case of Godzilla breath.
Most reflux can be treated with OTC antacids or simply by avoiding acidic and spicy foods; if those measures don't work, see your doctor. You may need prescription meds to reduce your body's production of stomach acid.
Your Eyes
If you see undereye circles that won't go away
It could mean unless you've taken a second job at the midnight trucking radio network, a sudden onset of dark rings could be chalked up to allergies. The chain reaction, according to Ostad, goes like this: An allergen hits your body, which in response releases histamine; this chemical makes blood vessels swell with blood and other fluids, and voila: Dark patches show up where the skin is thinnest.
A skin test can determine which allergen is causing your symptoms.
What Your Eyes Say About Your Health
If you see a yellowish bump on your eyeball
It could mean no, you haven't developed a rare case of optic acne. Instead, a slightly raised nodule on the white of your eye is a symptom of a harmless condition called pinguecula. "It's nothing more than an overgrowth of collagen triggered by damage from sun, wind, or dust," says Traci Goldstein, an optometrist at Metropolitan Vision Correction Associates in New York City.
Keep your eyes moist with lubricating drops and don shades anytime you're outdoors (make sure your specs offer 100 percent protection against UVA and UVB rays) to prevent the bump from growing larger.

Nadya Suleman Topless On Album Cover

Say what you will about Nadya Suleman - and we've said plenty - but you can't accuse her of being a slacker looking for welfare handouts anymore.
Octomom is set to release a pop single in the near future, and in advance of "Sexy Party," she's revealed the album cover. Featuring her topless.
Here's Octomom with Adam Barta, a musician who collaborated with her on the track and clearly has his hands full, if you know what we mean.
Nadya Suleman has said she was inspired by Madonna for the "Sexy" cover art, which also features crucifixes in the background. So edgy.
Barta tweeted out the cover, asking: "Here it is everyone! The cover you have been waiting for! Octomom,The Topless Album Cover."
"So excited for our #Madonna inspired CD cover! She is a childhood idol for me too! #Octomom" Presumably Madonna was his idol, not Octo.
Originally called "Get On The Dance Floor," the single is due to be released on September 4 and is produced by DJ Mr Migg and Mike Rizzo.
Try to contain yourselves for another few weeks.
Her other career endeavors include the infamous Octomom porn, stripping, endorsing a payday loan company and asking fans for donations.

Objections On "The New Normal" By NBC Affiliate

KSL-TV in Salt Lake City, Utah airs Law & Order: SVU on Wednesday nights. That program centers on such horrific crimes as rape and murder.
But the NBC affiliate has drawn its objectionable line at The New Normal, an upcoming sitcom from Glee creator Ryan Murphy that focuses on a gay couple and the family of its surrogate mother.
“For our brand, this program simply feels inappropriate on several dimensions, especially during family viewing time,” Jeff Simpson, CEO of KSL’s parent company, Bonneville International, said in a statement.
The decision has been met with backlash from those involved with the show and those who care about gay rights. First, there is star Ellen Barkin's reply on Twitter.
"Shame on you @kslcom," wrote the veteran actress, referring to the move as "blatantly homophic" and adding: "[A] loving gay couple having a baby is inappropriate? What will play in @NBCTheNewNormal spot? A dude reading from the bible?”

How To Maintain Breast's Fulness And Size

Because of the high costs and potential complications associated with implant surgery, many women look for natural breast lift strategies. That old statement "time is a wrecker" is painfully true: over time, and especially following pregnancy, nursing, and weight gain, breasts usually lose their elasticity and tone and become floppy and old-looking.
Mastopexy (breast lift cosmetic surgery) is popular but expensive. It is also painful and can inhibit women's ability to breastfeed.
Thankfully, there are some non-surgical breast lift techniques women can try in order to improve the shape and look of their bust. One of the best ways to keep up the appearance of your breasts is to maintain an even and healthy weight. Weight gain can stretch out your skin and make it less elastic, and your skin often does not shrink back if you lose weight. Additionally, keeping your skin well moisturized is important for the elasticity of the skin. This moisture should also come inwardly: drinking eight glasses of water a day is vital for your skin.
A properly fitting bra is essential to breast maintenance since a good bra is one of the best natural breast lifts that you can find. A high percentage of women wear the incorrect bra size which can significantly change the appearance of their breasts. Additionally, too much bouncing in a ill-fitted or improperly supportive bra can actually tear connective tissue in your breasts so have yourself properly fitted and wear bras that are correct for your body.
Other breast lift techniques include breast massage, which has been popular in Asian cultures for improving the tone and shape of the breasts. Some massage technicians are trained to perform breast massage, but obviously there are several sticky legal and personal comfort issues that need to be considered.
You can, however, perform this technique at home. Do be aware that improper breast massage techniques can actually do damage, so you need to make certain to research proper techniques, use gentle pressure, and always apply a cream or lotion first.
Several websites recommend a four step procedure for natural breast lift massage. First, stroke from the nipple outward. Second, gently knead with one hand. Third, clasp your breast in both hands and rotate it gently several times, both clockwise and counterclockwise (this technique is especially helpful for counteracting the effects of gravity on the breast). Finally use both hands to gently press the breast inward. Performing this technique two or three times a week can be very helpful for improving the appearance of your breasts.
Additional breast lift techniques include many natural breast lift products on the market today that can help restore youthfulness to the breasts. Some of these products are sold as breast enlargement/lift products, and there is some reason to the combination: breasts that have deflated due to pregnancy or weight loss can look more vital and perky with some additional volume.
However, other products claim just to improve the appearance, not increase their shape, and these products usually come in the form of topical substances. They often contain natural ingredients which can make the skin look tighter and more youthful. Additionally, these creams and lotions drench the breast in moisturizer which can help restore some of the skin's vitality and youthfulness.
Many women would benefit from a natural breast lift in order to reclaim the breasts of their youth. There are many products and breast lift techniques available for women to try instead of resorting to the pain of breast lift surgery.

With Aging Woman's Breasts Lose Tissue Reducing Breast Size And Fullness

With aging, a woman's breasts lose tissue and subcutaneous fat, reducing breast size and fullness. There is also a decrease in the number of mammary glands, which the body replaces with fat tissue. These changes make the breast less firm. The breasts lose support.
Aging breasts commonly flatten and sag, and the nipple may turn in slightly. The area surrounding the nipple (the areola) becomes smaller and may nearly disappear. Loss of hair around the nipple is common.
As you grow older breasts may change in size. Lumps are common around the time of menopause. These often turn out to be benign cysts.
Breast cancer risk increases with age. Women should perform monthly breast self-examinations. However, because breast self-exams do not always pick up early stages of breast cancer, women should also talk to their health care provider about mammograms.
Review Info
Michael Langan, M.D. Department of Geriatrics, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Blonde Hair Do Not Care"--Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is going to find out if blondes have more fun as she recently lightened up her trademark dark locks.
Kim posted the news on Twitter as she revealed a couple pictures of lighter hair, states Zap2it. Along with the photos, Kim posted the message, “Blonde hair don’t care.”
This isn’t her first time as a blonde as she has previously tried out the color but didn’t keep it for very long
Now, she might enjoy it a little longer – that is, if beau Kanye West is a fan.