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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Muslim Courageous Women Players Who Participated In London Olympics 2012

Nineteen year old Noor Han from Egypt participated in 10 meter air rifle competition (women), but could not find place among first eight rankers but was ranked on 41st position. Twenty four year shooter Maryam Azooqi from Kuwait took part in 10 and 50 meter competition. She was the second Olympian from her country. Her mother Awatif is her guide. She won two gold medals in recently held Arab Games. Kuwaiti government is encouraging Maryam and paying her Riyal 400 monthly Rs 133000 (Pakistani).
Thirty year Noor Saryani Muhammad Taibi from Malaysia participated in 10 meter air rifle competition, however, she could not could not forward ahead after first round. Many people called her foolish as she took part in Olympics being 8 month pregnant. However, her husband said that chances like this come less in life and we both decided to avail the chance. Noor said she knew what to do for the health and safety of the baby and I have been reciting Holy Quran Majeed every moment. Noor Saryani won gold medal in Commonwealth Games 2010 and Bronze medal in Asian games same year in shooting.
Participating in sword competition, all the veiled Muslim players belonged to Egypt. Among them included Eman Jabir (23 years), Mamona Husnain (26 years), Eman ul Jamal (31 years), and her sister Sheema Ul Jamal (32 years). Shama al Jamal has pariticipated in 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympics.

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