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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Muslim Women Olympians Who Will Be Remembered In The Olympic History

Tahmina Kohistani (23 years) from Afghanistan participated in 100 meter race, she took 14.42 seconds for the distance and ranked at 9 th position. Tahima belonging to the war hit Afghanistan for the last 3 decades, gained extra-ordinary fame in the Olympics. When she completed the race applauses welcomed her from every corner though she had not won the race. Every TV channel was ready to interview her because she was the only player from Afghanistan.
Sara Attar (19 years) from Saudi Arabia had the honor of being first woman athlete in the Olympic history from Saudi Arabia. She participated in race competition though she could not win any medal but she wrote a new chapter in the history for Saudi Arabia. When she came on the track for the Olympics race competition the spectators stood up and warmly welcomed her. Interesting thing is that Sara is not living in Saudi Arabia. She is the daughter of Saudi father and American mother who lives in California, USA.
Other Muslim Women Players who participated in the Olympics 2012 were:-
Mareeh Mohsin (19 years) from Brunei who was the first OLympian from her country took part in 400 meter race, Zam zam Muhammad Farah (21 years) from Somalia participated in 400 meter race, Fatima Suleman Rahman (20 yeasrs) from Yemen (race ), Warud Saleha (20 years) from Palestine (race), Amna Bakht (21 years) from Sudan and Shayoona Salah al Hussaini (19 years) from Omam ranked fourth each in 800 and 100 meter race, respectively. In arrow competition Nida Kamil (21 years), Raid Mashhadi (18 years) from Iraq, and Zahra Dahqan (24 years) from Iraq participated. In the Table tennis competition included Nida Shahwari (26 years) from Iran, Aya Muhammad (18 years) from Qatar and Rafd Majdi ( 29 years) from Egypt.
Wajdan Ali Siraj Abdur Rahim Shahkhani (16 years) from Saudi Arabia participated in 78 kilo Judo competition.
The host country Britain had tried to make the Olympic Event Muslim friendly. In the residential venue a room was reserved for prayer. Aftar and Sahri (Breaking fast and taking meals for fasting in very early morning ) arrangement were nicely done. Holding Muslim friendly Olympics president Obama and other western countries showed gladness. American authorities are hinting to accept Hijab in the Olympics in future. It is a great success for the Muslims.

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