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Friday, August 31, 2012

Virginity Cream Created Controversy In Indian Society

A company in India has introduced a C"ream 18 Again" and claims that with its use women will feel themselves as virgin again. The company says that this crtean is to make women independent, but the people who object to it termed say it is against the women.
The company has prepared a video in which a couple is dancing after using the cream and then mother in law also tries to get the cream. This cream was lauched during the current month in India and the ads hints toward tightening of Vagina with the use of cream, hence it has been named as 18 Again. A company in Bombay Electra tech has introduced it with the claim that it is first of its kind in India while this type of creams are available in the USA.
This cream costs Rs 2000 in India and the owner of the company Rashi Bhatia says that it has been prepared with natural constituents like Elovera, almond and pomegranates. The company's Ad compaign has been criticized by doctors, women groups and social media users.
Aini Raja of National Federation of Indian Women said that this sort of cream is an extremly foolishness that creats inferiority complex in women. A columnist writing about sex matters Dr Mahinda Watsa says why women should remasin virgin till marriage and she says it is the right of the women to have sexual contacts with any man she likes. But society says she must avoid sexual relation before marriage.
Dr Watsa says that men asks how could they know whether their wife is virgin or not? Men think that they must merry virgin girls but Dr says that majority of the girls in towns and cities experience sex before marriage.
The owner of the company says that several products are available for males in the market for prolonged sexual enjoyment, why should females remain with out it and this cream is for the promotion of sexual urge of the women.

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