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Friday, August 31, 2012

In The Age Of 30 Years I am Still Fresh---Paryanka Chopra

Pretty Bollywood actress Paryanka Chopra said that being of 30 years age she was so fresh and healthy that she did not need to have facial plastic surgery. Talking with a reporter of a newspaper in Bombai about her life the Don girl said that today she has gained a higher place in the film industry that was due to her personal un tired hardwork and interest in the profession. When she entered in the film industry for the first time, some people objected on my features and about my structure. But I did not care for anything and for the last 10 years I spent my time to discharge best performance.
She said the freshness of her face and body was because of taking fresh fruits, more water and boiled vegetables. That is the reason that" I do not need plastic surgery as several actresses of Bollywood have done."

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