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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Veiled And Fasting Muslim Women Olympic Players

Ruqia Fasarla from Bahrain was the first veiled Muslim Woman Olympian who participated in 2004 Olympics. She won gold medal in Beijing Olympics 2008 in 200 meter race. During London Olympics 2012, the number of Muslim women reached to 38, while, veiled Muslim women were only 11 in the Beijing Olympics 2008. All these were in complete veil/hijab. In the past age Muslim women players could not think of participating in the Olympic games as Olympic Committee did not allow veiled Muslim Women in the Olympic events. However, this time Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia convinced Olympic Committee to allow Veiled Muslim Women players to take part in the games. Saudi Arabia allowed its women players with the condition to wear full veil during the games and sent two athletes for the Olympic games.
The important thing was that all the Muslim women players were fasting and most of them were participating in the Olympic games for the first time. Twelve women players were from Egypt. Majority of the Veiled players took part in the sword and shooting competition as well in racing,
In shooting competition 30 year Ellah Ahmadi from Iran won sixth position scoring 499.1 points. Twenty year Mah Laqa Jam Bazurg from Iran participated in 10 meter and 60 meter air rifle competition (women) and in 10 meter shooting was defeated by Britain player Jennifer by one point. Eighteen year Noor Aamir Ul Aamari belong to history city of Karbala in Iraq participated in 10 meter air pistol shooting but could present better performance. Nineteen year Bhait ul Hamad from Qatar when came to the ground holding the flag of her country became the first veiled woman Olympian of Qatar. She ranked on 17th position among 56 contestants in 1o meter air air rifle competition. She was declared as the best women athlete for 2011-12 of Qatar. Twenty seven year Azatul Qasmi from Bahrain though could not reach to final of 50 meter rifle shooting but she set a new Arab record, her score was 576 that no Arab woman could get before this. This washer first participation in the Olympics and she ws happy on her higher score.

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