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Friday, August 31, 2012

Trend Of Racism Is Escalating In The West

Nazism that has been the claimant of superiority of German race is the abbreviation for National Socialism. Common man may be unaware of the fact that this ideology was promoted against socialism, communism or Marxism. Under this ideology Arya race was the super most of all the races on earth and it has the right to rule the world. Nazism does not give right to the weakest and non-aryans to exist. Women are considered the machines to give birth to children and keeps them limited to the kitchen.
The racial discrimination is nearly found in each and every country and nation. White nations consider themselves superior to colored nations. Then with in themselves this complex is observed like Britishers consider themselves superior to other white nations. Similarly, French do, and Russian and Greek gives specific status to their race. The racism is also common in Asian countries.Though Islam forbids special treatment on the basis of color creed or race but still in Pak India subcontinent this attitude is common.
In Germany from September 2000 to April 2007, 8 turks, one Greek and one non German woman have been killed. Police could not even trace the culprits up till now. In November 2011 during a bank dacoity police identified 3 persons who believed in Neo-Nazism. More awesome thing was seen that when police informed the public that Neo -Nazism Organization is involved in the murder of Turks , Greek and the police office, the next day on November 12, 2011, the Office of the Protection Of Constitution burnt the files about the case that had information about Far-Right Informants.
The virus of Nazism is not only spreading in Germany but it is showing its impacts in Europe and America. The examples of racism was observed in 2012 Olympics when Switzerland team was defeated by South Korea in Football match, the player Michal of Switzerrland wrote insulting messages about Korean race on Twitter, he was expelled from the games. Similarly, Greek women player passes negative remarks about African players. It was known afterwards that she belonged to Neo-Nazism group. She fled quiting the Olympics.
In the USA Ved M Page killed 6 persons in Sikh's temple. He also belong to Neo Nazism group. They shave heads and are called "skin head".According to an estimate they are 50000 in number in the USA.They tatoo Swastika symbol on their bodies.

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