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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cells That Generate Malagnant Glands Have Been Discovered

Scientists have claimed a progress regarding cancer research that they say will play a pivotal role in the further development. Researchers reported that they have discovered cell in the cancerous glands that are responsible for the growth of the malignant cells of cancer. It has been confirmed in the 3 researches on mice that the reason of the growth of cancerous cells are the stem cells present within the glands.
After this result scientists claim that they have solved a controversial issue regarding cancer research that will change all the previous thinkings in the field. The study has been published in the "Nature And Science".
It is to be recalled that it has been a problem that doctors decrease the cancerous glands successfully but they again grow or are increased in volume. Researchers say that this is due to the fact some parts of the cells are not culminated with the treatment that make the glands grow again and these are the "cancer stem cells". They say that these are the cells that can be targeted to totally remove the cancerous cells for ever. The previous observation regarding the existence of stem cell have been weaker but three separate studies have proved that cancer stem cells exist. The stem cells play an important role in the growth of cancer glands of brain, intestine and skin. Scientists think that this might happen in all types of cancer that give rise to solid cancerous glands.
Head of the one of the above mentioned studies and professor of the University of Brussels Sedrak Blan Paen said that the results of the study shows that now the thinking and procedure of the treatment of cancer can be changed. Talking to BBC he said that if these cells are responsible for the growth of cancerous glands then these cells can be targeted directly and their growth can be checked.

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