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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pakistani Qadyanis Are Being Recruited In Israeli Army And Police

The number of Pakistani Qadyanis performing volunteer services in Israeli army has reached more than one thousand. Qadyanis working in Israeli police are, in addition to this number. Qadyani sources in Chanab Nagar told the reporter of a newspaper that Qadyanis were provided all the facilities in Israel. Qadyani sect has good relations with Israeli government. Many office bearers of Qadyani sect have been imparted military training in Israel. In the past Qadyanis travelled to Israel through Turkey,though Turkey route is not cloised for them but precautionary they send American nationality holders Qadyanis to Israel.
According to Qadyani sources, in the town of Kababir near Haifa, Qadyanis have a big center where they have offices, worship places and a guest house. Astonishingly, Qadyanis have equal rights as Jews have in Israel than Muslims and Christians. They have a satellite TV channel that telecasts talks against "Jihad" (sacred war), in Arabic language, posing to be a Muslim TV channel. In March 2009, Shamoon Pares had visited Qadyani center in Kabir and has broken his fast according to his faith in the center, the video of which is available on net. The prominent among Qadyanis are J. D. Shams, Allah Ditta Jalandhari, Rasheed Chughtai, Noor Ahmad and Shareef Chaudhary.
According to Daily "Ummat" the head of MQM Altaf Hussain had visited the Qadyani Center in London last year twice. There are some news of having agreements between the Qadyanis and MQM to give security to each other( may be rumors). Qadyani sect is active in Pakistan for the recognition of Israel. Contacts are being established through a net blog between English and Urdu media of Pakistan and Israeli media, so that conducive environment is created for Israel's recognition. When A Qadyani representative was asked in Chanab Nagar by the reporter of the newspaper about the procedure of recruitment of Qadyanis in Israeli army the Qadyani replied that the decisions of the recruitment are taken at high level and a common Qadyani did not know. The People could only know when a family shifted to Israel through London.
Profile’, by a well known Jewish Professor I.T Naomi. He stated:" and the Ahmadi sect of some 600 people from Pakistan can also serve in the (Israeli) army…" To many analysts Qadiaynis are a political issue and have always been a security problem? In India Qadiyanis have collected and donated thousands to the Indian Army fund after Kargil.
On 15th February 1987, Pakistani Foreign Minister, Sahibzada Yakub Khan declared in the National Assembly that there were 328 Qadiyani officers of different ranks in the Pakistan Armed Forces. According to his report 1, Lt. General, 5 Brigadiers in the army and 1 similar rank in the Air Force = 6, Colonial 10 Army, 2 Navy, 3 Air Force= 15, Lt. Colonials 56 Army, 6 Navy, 11 Air Force = 73, Major 135 Army, 5 Navy, 16 Air Force = 156, Captain 58 Army, 5 Navy, 14 Air Force = 77, Total 328.

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